5 Tips for Finding the Best Vape Pen on the Market

Many smokers turn to vaping as a safe alternative to smoking tobacco. However, finding the best vape pen can be challenging because there are so many different models on the market. 

You may just want a simple device, but many pens now come with advanced features that can improve your vaping experience.

When navigating the vaping marketplace, there are some tips you can use to make it easier to find the right vape pen for your needs. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at some important considerations.

1. Consider the Vape Pen Heating Method

Many vape pens use different heating methods, each having its own distinct advantages. You can purchase a pen that uses convection heating which works by applying indirect heat to the vaping materials.

The benefit of using this method is that it wastes less material and is less prone to excess combustion. However, you need to allow extra time for preheating, and the pen is likely to cost a little more upfront.

Some vape pens apply direct heat using conduction. This allows you to use your pen very quickly. The downside is you may end up wasting a lot of material through combustion.

This can lead to increased costs because you need to buy more material. 

2. Best Vape Pen For Battery Life 

If you don’t want your vape pen to run out of charge when you need it most, you need to consider the battery life. Purchasing a model that uses a lithium-ion battery means the pen is likely to hold its charge for longer. 

Lithium-ion batteries also have a long life span, and you don’t need to replace them as often as some cheaper alternative batteries.

3. Vape Pen Functionality

If you’re new to vaping, you might be happy with a straightforward pen that has limited functionality. There are plenty of models that allow you to add your e-liquid and press a button for instant vaping. 

But if you’re more experienced, an advanced model could be a better choice. You can buy vape pens that offer temperature control and have pre-sets you can use to store your favorite settings.

4. Vape Pen Design

You can choose vape pens in many colors and with different types of materials. Some models have a cheaper plastic look, but these also tend to be the least expensive. 

If you want to spend a bit more, look for stainless steel or carbon fiber models. They cost more, but they have a more attractive appearance and should last longer than cheaper vape pens.

5. Where to Buy a Vape Pen

One of the most important aspects is where you buy your vape pen. The market has a lot of counterfeit products. If you purchase one of these models, the pen may not work and could even be dangerous to use.

You should only purchase high-quality products from a reputable retailer such as Redjuice.

Choose Your Vape Pen Wisely

Buying a vape pen can be overwhelming because of the range of choices. But by following these simple tips, you can find the best vape pen for your needs. 

If in doubt, contact the retailer and ask for advice before making a purchase. 

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