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5 Things You Need to Know About Having a Bathroom Renovation

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a space that oozes style and functionality? Look no further! Get ready to unlock the secrets to a jaw-dropping bathroom renovation that will leave you in awe.

This article guides you through five essential things you need to know before taking on this exciting project. From clever planning and professional guidance to maximizing space and selecting the perfect materials, we’ve got you covered!

So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to dive into a world of bathroom renovation magic. Say goodbye to the old and hello to your dream bathroom! 

1. Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Before you jump into the renovation process, it’s crucial to have a solid plan. Think about what you want to change in your bathroom. Do you want it to look better or work better? Maybe both?

Set a budget and decide how long you want the renovation to take. Make a list of the things you want to add or change, like a new shower, bathtub, sink, or vanity. Having a clear plan will help you make better decisions and keep things organized.

2. Hiring a Professional Contractor

While doing the renovation yourself might seem tempting, hiring a professional contractor is usually better. These experts know what they’re doing and can give you great advice.

They’ll help you avoid problems and make sure the work is done safely and correctly. Look for contractors who have experience and good references. They’ll save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

3. Maximizing Space and Functionality

When it comes to creating a more functional bathroom, maximizing space is critical. Think about how you can optimize the available area to suit your needs.

For instance, you can have a bulky item removal like a hot tub removal if it takes up a lot of space. It could free up room for features like a more oversized shower or additional storage.

Choosing space-saving fixtures and fittings, such as a compact toilet or a corner sink, can also help make the most of limited space. Assessing the functionality and space requirements will help you make informed decisions about what elements to include in your bathroom remodel.

4. Budgeting for Unexpected Costs

Renovations can sometimes bring surprises. Plumbing or electrical problems, water damage, or structural issues can pop up.

That’s why it’s smart to set aside some extra money. Try to keep around 10-20% of your total budget as a backup. This way, you’ll be ready for any unexpected expenses.

5. Selecting the Right Materials and Finishes

The materials and finishes you choose for your new bathroom can make a big difference. You want things that can handle water and are easy to care for. For example, porcelain tiles are a good choice for floors and walls because they’re durable and water-resistant.

Pick high-quality fixtures and finishes that can handle the wetness of a bathroom. And remember the style you want! Choose colors, patterns, and textures that match your taste and make you happy.

Unleash Your Creativity With a Bathroom Renovation

So, there you have it! These are the essential things to remember in bathroom renovation. By following these tips above, you’ll have a fantastic bathroom you’ll love using daily.

Contact a professional contractor today for those looking to take the plunge and have their bathroom renovated. They’ll help ensure your dream oasis is achieved! Good luck with your renovation project!

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