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Top 5 Home Window Glass Maintenance Tips for Longer Life

Windows are a huge part of your home. They let in pretty much all of the light of your home, as well as the natural light from the outside of your home.

There isn’t much that can turn out wrong with windows. It’s just when they have trouble, things get a little annoying. The issue comes with taking care of windows.

Window glass maintenance isn’t a common thing that homeowners think about. We’re going to talk about five steps you need to take in making sure your home window glass last longer.

1. Clean Your Windows Regularly

Dust buildup, dirt, and grime can all damage the glass surface. Regular window cleaning helps to extend the life of the glass, prevent dirt buildup, and keep the glass looking like new. It should be done with mild, non-abrasive detergents and clear water.

To avoid scratching and streaking, use a soft cloth or sponge with the proper product. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue. You can also research more and check different sites on how to clean glass windows.

2. Regularly Inspect Your Windows for Sightlines and Seals

Regularly inspect your windows for sightlines and seals. Over time, the glass and seals of your windows can deteriorate due to weathering, causing air and water to leak in and making your energy bills rise drastically. As such, it is essential to check sightlines, as this will help indicate a broken seal.

Inspecting for sightlines involves looking at your windows when it is bright outside and seeing if any visible light can be seen coming through the edge of the window. Also, inspect for loose seals, which can compromise the window’s insulation.

3. Repair Any Damage to Prevent Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Have window repair for any damage to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Minor scratches and cracks should be filled in and repaired with sealant as soon as possible, as leaving them could lead to further damage and more extensive repairs needed later.

Check to caulk and weather-stripping around the windows periodically to ensure it is still in good condition to help keep warm air from seeping out in the winter.

4. Repaint Your Window Frames

Repainting your window frames is an essential part of maintaining the glass in your windows for longer life. Ensure to remove any dirt and grime build-up from the frames, as this can interfere with the paint adhering properly. Then, use a quality primer so the paint fully adheres and takes well to the frames.

Choose durable and UV-resistant paint to ensure you won’t need to repaint anytime soon. Use a brush to apply the paint, as this will provide the most even coverage and prevent drips or brush strokes. 

5. Protect Your Glass With UV-Blocking Films

When it comes to home window maintenance, protecting your glass with UV-blocking films is a great way to ensure that your windows last longer.

They protect your glass by blocking out harmful UV rays and helping reduce heat gain and loss. The film also provides additional privacy and enhances security.

Follow These Tips for Your Home Window Glass Maintenance

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure your home window glass will last long. As always, it’s important to inspect the condition of the windows regularly and make repairs as needed.

Get started prolonging the life of your windows today!

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