5 Surprising Places You Can Use a Voyager Fleet Card

When it comes to fleet cards, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The voyager card is a unique option with some impressive features.

First, it’s accepted at a staggering 320,000 locations nationwide. It includes significant fuel brands, truck stops, and smaller independent merchants. Additionally, it offers advanced spending controls that help managers reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

Truck Stops

Truck drivers require easy access to quality restrooms, delectable food options, and other comforts when traveling. Fortunately, many truck stops where can you use a voyager fleet card have taken it upon themselves to make driving for truckers on the road more manageable and more fun.

These truck stops, and travel centers are usually geared exclusively toward truck drivers, offering features such as restaurants, laundry facilities, truck showrooms, dentists, and even movie theaters. In addition to providing truckers with a relaxing and comfortable environment, these locations also offer various products and services, such as shower supplies, lubricants, technology accessories, seasonal clothing, and dog food and toys.

Fleet managers can use their Voyager Mastercard at 320,000 locations across significant truck stop chains and independents without transaction fees. The card offers a transparent pricing structure, options for qualified tax-exempt organizations, and many other valuable features that help small fleets save time and money on fuel. Using U.S. Bank’s online merchant locator tool, you can find a station near you that accepts the Voyager Fleet Card.

Gas Stations

As one of the most popular and widely used fleet cards, Voyager Fleet Card offers a massive network of gas stations to keep drivers moving in all corners of the country. The card also helps fleet managers cut fuel and maintenance costs by controlling where, when, and how much they spend.

The program allows you to set authorization prompts at the pump to ensure that only approved amounts are spent. It is conducive for fleets with part-time drivers. You can also customize reporting to send invoices, transaction details, and reports on vehicles and drivers.

Another great feature of this U.S. Bank fleet card is its short billing cycle – it’s due every week. However, this can be a con for some business owners who prefer longer terms. Voyager Fleet Card also has strict purchase control settings to help you slash your gas budget.


The Voyager card is an excellent option for small fleets. With 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations, including truck stops and retail brands, it gives your drivers access to a massive network of stores. Plus, you can choose how your cards are used by limiting them to fuel and maintenance purchases or by day or month. This flexibility gives you better spending controls, customized reporting, and excellent customer reviews.

Unlike store-branded cards associated with specific brands, the Voyager Mastercard is backed by U.S. Bank and allows you to use it at nearly any station in the country. It makes it easier for your fleet to find a fueling location and decreases costs.

The Voyager card also has advanced features, giving your fleet managers unparalleled spending controls. It includes odometer-based fueling, which allows you to see how much a driver has been driving and helps curb theft and misuse. You can also use the online portal to track invoices and transaction details. It eliminates the need for drivers to submit receipts, saving your team time and money.

Grocery Stores

The Voyager Mastercard is excellent for large fleets because it’s accepted at more than 230,000 locations nationwide. It makes it easy for your drivers to find a place to fuel wherever they are, which helps you reduce the risk of losing valuable time due to running out of gas.

The card also offers a slew of advanced spending controls and insights that make it easy for managers to manage refueling expenditures. These include choosing specific cardholder spending limits, automatic repricing based on negotiated fuel discounts, and detailed reporting. The card also integrates with ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle charging network, which is an excellent addition for fleets transitioning to alternative energy vehicles. It also has shorter payment terms than some other cards, with invoices due weekly instead of monthly. If a retailer doesn’t have electronic point-of-sale equipment, your drivers can use the card manually by writing down their I.D. number and the current odometer reading on the receipt.


In addition to a vast network of truck stops, gas stations, and convenience stores, Voyager Fleet cards can be used at more than 320,000 locations nationwide. The card provides drivers with the ultimate retail fuel access without the added fees found with many credit card programs.

With Voyager, fleet managers can set spending limits and customize reports. The card also features a mobile app, unparalleled security controls, and 24/7 customer support within the U.S.

The Postal Service uses the Voyager card to pay for fuel and maintenance services for its approximately 236,500 vehicles. The cards are managed at each of the company’s delivery unit sites. Site managers are responsible for securing driver personal identification numbers, reconciling high-risk transactions, disputing suspicious or fraudulent activity, and performing semi-annual driver certifications.

The Voyager program is unique because it covers local and OTR fleets with a single card, one network, and one program management platform.