Your Health At Work

You have a demanding job that requires your very best. It can be stressful, but you love your work and being at the top of your field means everything to you. Unfortunately, a lot of people focus so hard on achieving their professional goals they neglect something very important, the very thing that allows them to maintain such a rigorous work ethic- their health. I am not just talking about physical health, but mental health as well, the two are inextricably linked and when one is in danger it always affects the other, and it’s bound to be negative. Your health matters!

Staying healthy in the workplace

We spend a lot of our time at work- eight hours a day for most people, plus overtime and an occasional Saturday. This means we are living a big part of our lives in the workplace instead of in the comfort and safety of our own homes. Therefore, we must adapt to the work environment and make ourselves as comfortable and healthy there as possible. The fortunate among us are working for companies that understand this, and regard their employees as their most valued asset. Many forward-thinking businesses have implemented in-house health monitoring services across New Zealand to ensure that their employees feel great so they can do great work. This fosters a positive environment of care and safety for all involved. 

Physical health

Whether you are manning a desk or involved in strenuous physical labour, it’s vital that you keep your body in good health. Regular aerobic exercises such as walking, biking, and swimming helps us to stay in tip-top shape, along with less strenuous types of exercise such as yoga and tai chi that can easily be performed during your break time. If nothing else, take a few minutes to stand up, have a stretch, and take a stroll around the job site! Another important factor is a healthy diet, if your workplace doesn’t provide a nutrition-oriented cafeteria, don’t just order fast food, or head down the street for a pastry at the local coffee shop- pack yourself a lunch that includes real, common sense foods such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts that will provide you with the nutrients to get you through a hectic work day- your body will thank you!

Mental health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical, maybe even more! This critical aspect of our well-being has been neglected for many years by society, but now we are beginning to recognize how it can impact our professional and personal lives in devastating ways if allowed to deteriorate. A healthy mind helps us maintain a healthy body. When the day’s stress gets to be too much try some deep relaxation techniques, they can make a huge difference!

Government agencies are there to help, so make sure to contact them for advice on your workplace health concerns. You matter, so be sure to stay healthy at work and home!