Why You Should Hire a Lemon Law Attorney

Many assume they can resolve their lemon law issues with the manufacturer or car dealership. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. A lemon law attorney can help you get your money back or a new vehicle by forcing the manufacturer to arbitrate the claim. It is better than attempting to file a lawsuit.

They Can Help You Deal With Manufacturers

If your newly purchased vehicle has been in the shop many times for the same problem, you should be entitled to a new car or a full refund under lemon laws. Unfortunately, the process is often tedious and frustrating, and a lemon law attorney can help you get the results you deserve. A lemon law attorney will inspect your vehicle by an independent mechanic to ensure the issue can be properly identified and proven in court. In addition, they will work with the dealership or manufacturer to establish a timeline of repair attempts and a paper trail for the vehicle’s history. This information will be very important when it comes time to file for an arbitration hearing.

During the arbitration hearing, you will present your evidence and testimony to an arbitrator, who will decide whether the vehicle meets state lemon laws. If the arbitration is in your favor, the arbitrator will determine what relief should be provided – such as a monetary settlement or a replacement vehicle. Often, lemon law settlements can be used to pay off the remainder of your auto loan, which can free you to purchase a vehicle that does not have any persistent problems. A lemon law attorney can also help you keep current on your car payments while the case is ongoing so that you do not fall behind and lose your rights.

They Can Help You Get a Refund

You have the right to get a refund if you buy a car, truck or SUV that does not meet quality standards. A lemon law attorney in Texas will help you get maximum protection from the manufacturer as state and federal laws allow. They will help you from start to finish by analyzing the case, making sure you have met all consumer obligations, and filing your claim. Experienced lemon law attorneys know what the statutes require and have direct access to manufacturers’ counsel. It means they can negotiate from a position of strength and are more likely to get you the compensation you deserve, whether a repurchase or a replacement vehicle.

A lemon law attorney will also take care of all the paperwork required by the law, including a detailed list of problems, the number of repair attempts and the amount of time the car has spent out of service. They will also have your vehicle inspected by an independent expert to get to the root of the problem. Once they have all the evidence, they will fight for a full refund or a new vehicle on your behalf. They will handle the whole process, saving you a lot of stress and hassle. They will also work on a contingency basis, meaning they only charge you something once your case is settled.

They Can Help You Get a Settlement

Whether you get a replacement or a refund, lemon law attorneys will fight for you to get the maximum compensation. When you do not have a lawyer in your corner, manufacturers will give you low settlement offers. Still, if you have an experienced lemon law attorney fighting for you, they will be willing to take the manufacturer to court and fight for the money that you are entitled to. Lemon law attorneys can review your case for free and determine if you have a valid claim. After deciding that you have a legitimate case, they will also file your claim with the appropriate manufacturer. Once your claim is filed, the manufacturer will have a chance to respond before an arbitrator will hear your case. The arbitrator will look at all of the evidence in your case, including any timelines or records of reasonable repair attempts, and decide on what type of relief you are entitled to, such as a refund or a replacement vehicle.

They Can Help You Get a New Car

A lemon law attorney is your best bet if you are considering legal action against the manufacturer for a defective vehicle. Even if you have already filed a lawsuit, having an experienced attorney can help speed up the process and increase the chances of receiving compensation. Car manufacturers and dealerships are well prepared to deal with lemon law claims, especially when handled by an attorney specializing in these cases. A committed lawyer can assist you in developing a compelling case that can lead to the car being bought back or replaced, as well as help you negotiate financial compensation.

Before a hearing, your lawyer will gather all the necessary documentation for your case. It may include lease or sales agreements, repair receipts, timelines of reasonable attempts to fix the problem, and other documentation that will help support your claim. The attorney can prepare you for the arbitration hearing and even represent you in person if necessary. It is important to have a qualified attorney representing you in your lemon law claim because car companies and dealers can use your lack of experience in dealing with these types of disputes to their advantage.