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What to Know About Betting on the NBA Playoffs Online

It’s almost time for the NBA Finals. 

Whether you have a favorite team or not, there’s a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy about the best players in the world doing battle for the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy. 

People in the United States have wagered more than $65 billion on all sorts of sports. A lot of this industry moves the needle during the NBA playoffs. So what should you know about betting? We’re happy to help. 

Keep reading so that you’re prepared to earn some cash as the season culminates. 

Study the Seeding of the NBA Playoffs

Before anything else, make sure you’re aware of who’s who in the playoffs. The playoff seeding breaks down which teams finished the season at their best, and which squeaked into the playoffs. The seeding plays a huge role in the odds and matchups, as the highest-seeded teams are matched against the lowest. 

This means that the #1 team plays the #8 team, the #2 plays the #7, and so on. On paper, this means that the best are rewarded by easy matchups playing the worst. However, a lot of factors come into play, such as injuries and how teams finished the regular season despite their record. 

The seeding will give you a starting point toward figuring out who you think should win, and whether you think the playoff rounds hold some upset potential that could spell bigger payouts. 

Know the Betting Lines and Prop Bets

Always study the betting lines when it comes time to wager. This lets you know which odds favor which teams, and how much money you need to bet in order to get a payout. 

A money line bet is straight up and represents a choice in which team you think will win. A points spread bet means that you are choosing a team not only to win but also by a certain number of points. Research the betting lines that are rolled out before each game so that you can figure out which you feel the most confident about. 

There are also always some intriguing prop bets available that you can wager on. For instance, there may be bets related to how many 3-pointers Steph Curry sinks, how many times Jimmy Butler gets to the free-throw line, and whether Draymond Green gets a technical foul. 

Find the Best Online Platform

Gambling online and sports betting are bigger than ever. This means that there are also several online betting platforms that you can take part in. Before betting online, make sure that the platform that you’re choosing is highly reputable and secure. This lets you know that the platform is secure, your money is safe, and you’re paid on time. 

This is arguably the most important part of gambling online, so never do business with just any website. 

The Beauty of Sports Betting

The NBA playoffs are not only the culmination of a season well played – it’s also a time for the fans to get in on the action. You don’t need to live in Las Vegas to get some action on the biggest games of the year. 

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