What Causes Damage To Healthy Teeth

It is important to take care of your teeth to prevent damage. This damage is a key factor that affects tooth loss, and good dental hygiene is necessary to prevent this. However, your first line of defense when it comes to decay is avoiding things that can damage your teeth. You are probably aware of the main culprits, but there are more things that you can consume that are harmful to your oral health. Let’s look at them all so you know what to avoid if you are concerned about your teeth.


The main cause of tooth decay in the USA is eating too much sugar. Sugar comes in chocolate, sweets, sodas, beer, and so much more. Unfortunately, this sugar reacts with the plaque bacteria in your mouth to produce an acid that is harmful to your teeth and gums. The acid eats away at the layers of your teeth until cavities form, and this process will be much quicker if you do not brush frequently.

This fact does not mean that you must stay away from the foods you enjoy, though. There are plenty of sugar-free versions of the consumables mentioned above, and you can avoid damaging your teeth by eating sweets that dissolve quickly. 


Beer may rot your teeth because of its high sugar content, but that does not mean that you are safe to switch to wine when protecting your teeth. Wine is a beverage that often reaches above 5.5 on the PH scale, the device used to measure the acidity in certain substances. Unfortunately, any drinks that score above this on the PH scale contain enough acid to reduce the amount of enamel on your teeth. The enamel is the only natural protection that your teeth receive, which means that they are more susceptible to damage if this shield is destroyed with acidic drinks like wine.


In a similar fashion, pickles are also harmful to the enamel on your teeth. This is because they are often stored in a vinegar solution as a means of preservation. It is this vinegar that is highly acidic, which again will damage your teeth over time. If you can find pickles, that aren’t stored in vinegar, they will be less harmful to your teeth; however, they are quite a rare sight.


Crackers are one of the blandest foods on the planet, but this does not mean that they are any good for your teeth. These thin biscuits are made up of refined carbohydrates, and too many carbs in the body can cause inflammation. This inflammation can affect your joints, muscles, and organs, but it also damaging to your gums.

Inflamed gums are more likely to become infected by harmful bacteria, and infections in the mouth are one of the leading causes of tooth loss. It may not seem like it is that harmful, but excess carbohydrates can damage your teeth over time, so make sure you use up the ones you have consumed where possible.

Crooked Teeth

Your adult teeth are the only set of teeth that you have left once they finally emerge. Unfortunately, these teeth aren’t always going to come through straight. Crooked teeth can cause all sorts of issues, the biggest is an unhealthy set of teeth. The positioning of your teeth can make it difficult to brush certain areas properly, making it more likely that these teeth degrade over time.

The best fix for this problem is a set of braces. This treatment is now more affordable than ever, and you can head to places like ALIGNERCO to find a low price for braces. Braces can be affordable, so consider investing in treatment to get your teeth fixed if you are worried about potentially damaging your teeth.


Smoking is becoming less prevalent in modern society due to its many proven health risks. While you may be aware that smoking increases your risk of cancer and heart disease, many people often neglect the damage it can have to your teeth.

The act of smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that can form in your bloodstream at one time. This oxygen is needed to heal certain parts of your body. Therefore, your blood is less likely to make it to heal inflamed or infected gums if you smoke, which means that your teeth are going to continue to become damaged over time. If there weren’t already enough reasons to give up smoking, preventing tooth loss should be serious enough to get you to quit.


A full set of adult teeth are designed to withstand a lot. This does mean that you do not have to avoid everything on this list but try everything in moderation. Tooth loss is irreversible, so try to treat your teeth responsibly.