What Can an Employment Attorney Do For You In a Harassment Case in Los Angeles?

Workplace harassment can happen anytime and California has laws against them. If you’ve been one of the victims of discrimination, sexual harassment, or bullying, you should get the justice that you deserve, and you should never have to endure any mistreatment in any kind of job.

Understanding your rights and the things that you can do can be powerful. Fortunately, with a labor attorney, you’ll have your greatest ally that will fight for you, tooth and nail. They have the dedication, knowledge, experience, and unwavering belief that you should get the compensation that you deserve if someone has wronged you. They will also make sure that you get the proper compensation that you deserve.

Understanding Harassment in the Workplace

Any form of harassment at work where others’ unwanted behaviors are affecting another employee can result in detrimental effects on an individual’s professional growth or mental health. Consult an employment lawyer in Los Angeles if you’ve experienced any unwelcome sexual harassment, or discrimination for a disability, gender orientation, national origin, or religious beliefs. Understanding what constitutes harassment is crucial for recognizing and addressing it effectively.

An important aspect of bullying in the workplace is getting unwanted advances that many people find to be very uncomfortable. They essentially create a hostile work environment that may include derogatory remarks, offensive jokes, or someone who’s nitpicking someone’s ethnicity or gender. 

Another form of harassment is quid pro quo, where employment benefits are conditioned upon submitting to unwelcome behavior. Some are putting up with the abuser because they are expecting a promotion or a bonus for the holidays.

It’s important to note that harassment doesn’t necessarily have to come from a supervisor, but it can also be perpetrated by colleagues or even clients. Regardless of the source, no one should endure or experience this kind of treatment even if they desperately need the income because they are the breadwinner of the family.

When you think that you’re already experiencing harassment, it’s very important to seek legal advice from the right employment lawyer who is familiar with the laws in Los Angeles. You’ll have someone who can provide you with the right guidance about your rights and make sure that you can navigate through the complexities that are involved in filing a case. 

These experts often play a pivotal role in advocating for victims’ rights, and they possess extensive knowledge regarding federal and state laws governing workplace conduct and can assess whether there has been a violation.

Once hired, an employment attorney will investigate the incident thoroughly to gather evidence supporting your claim. This might involve interviewing witnesses who observed the misconduct firsthand obtaining relevant documentation about company policies and procedures, and making sure that there were advanced programs aimed at educating everyone about what constitutes bullying or harassment. Find out more about harassment on this page here.

Why Should You Report Harassment?

Common examples that some are reporting may include intimidation, insensitive slurs, intolerance, psychological harassment, physical threats, ridicule, insults, and exclusion. Some lawyers in California have run into valid claims that they can’t pursue in court because there were no reports constituting the harassment. Oftentimes, many children were taught never to be a tattletale, and this is often carried into their adult lives.

However, when you keep quiet about the illegal conduct of a manager, co-worker, or employer, it can result in something detrimental in the future. The higher-ups can get away with the abuse, and they might repeat the cycle on others as well. 

Fortunately, many corporations have specific procedures and policies in place that will get the right people involved. If you believe that it’s the appropriate time to report, then make a move and do it. It should be written and saved on file and should include various details, including emails, screenshots, or photos. The more paper trail you’re creating, the stronger your chances of winning the claim.

Employers are also only responsible for their employees’ conduct that they know about. After a report has been made, they are liable to make an investigation to see if it’s true. When they fail to do anything, and the bullying continues, you can also file a lawsuit against them.

Selecting the Right Attorney

Although there are a lot of professionals who are experts in workplace harassment in California, you should still make sure that you’re selecting the best ones who are well-equipped to handle these kinds of cases. They should have a portfolio of successful cases in the past and have a deep understanding of the complexities involved.

Choose those who have an excellent track record of getting good outcomes, and research more about their past cases. Get a sense of their ability to effectively advocate for their clients, and consider the lawyer’s communication style and approachability. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable discussing sensitive matters with them and that they are responsive to your questions and concerns throughout the process because, after all, your livelihood is on the line here.

Take into account the resources available to the attorney or law firm, and make sure that they are the ones who will do the representation and not their aide. Most importantly, trust your instincts and meet the lawyers for consultation to see if they are a great fit for you.

What are the Potential Outcomes?

Understanding what the results can do, as well as the compensation available can help you get a stronger case. While each one of them is unique, you might want to see the results that you’re hoping for with them. 

Something that you can expect is monetary compensation, and if the legal representative in California was able to successfully prove that you’ve experienced sexual harassment, you can be entitled to financial damages that can cover lost wages, medical expenses, costs for therapy, emotional distress, etc. Find out more about a legal representative on this webpage:

Another potential outcome is injunctive relief, which means that the court can order your employer to take specific actions to prevent further harassment from occurring. For example, they might require additional training for employees or implement stronger policies against workplace misconduct.

In some cases where the harassment has caused severe harm or led to wrongful termination, reinstatement or job restoration could also be sought as an outcome. This would involve getting your job back or being placed in a similar position within the company.