What Are the Main Types of Lawsuits?

Are you a victim of negligence? Have you been discriminated against by your employer? Is somebody trying to steal your ideas?

Whatever your situation is, if you’ve been through a traumatizing event and want justice, there are several types of lawsuits that you can file. Defining what lawsuits are is essential when determining if you’ll file a case or not.

What types of cases you want is up to you. Keep reading for detailed explanations of the most common lawsuits, what they cover, and how they’re filed.

Business and Contract Lawsuits

Business and contract lawsuits are the most common type of lawsuits. These types of lawsuits involve disputes between parties over matters such as:

  • breach of contract
  • negligence
  • deceptive practices
  • copyright infringement

Common forms of business and contract litigation involve financial and real estate matters, employees, pensions, compensation, and wages.

Businesses may also litigate over:

  • partnerships
  • financing
  • sales agreements
  • sale of goods
  • legal services

Representing a party in contract disputes or business matters can be complicated, so it is important to enlist the services of an experienced business attorney.

Some common business lawsuits involve:

  • non-compete agreements
  • consumer fraud
  • regulatory compliance
  • nonpayment of debts

Business contract disputes often come about when one party breaches the agreement or fails to live up to their end of the deal. It is best to maintain a legal document outlining the details of the contract for a dispute to ensure that all parties are adhering to the agreement.

Class Action/Mass Tort Lawsuits

Class action or Mass Tort lawsuits are primarily used to address wrongdoing by large companies and organizations. Put simply, class action lawsuits allow individuals with similar legal claims to join together in one large lawsuit. These lawsuits are often used to deal with cases involving governmental violations or misdeeds, such as when public entities may have acted unfairly or illegally.

This can also be used to address a variety of consumer-related issues, such as false or misleading advertising. Class action/mass tort lawsuits are powerful tools used to address grievances on behalf of a large group of people, and they can help individuals secure legal remedies that they might not have been able to attain on their own. You may also read more about mass tort information found here.

Administrative Regulations and Appeals

Administrative regulations, or rules made by government agencies, are increasingly defining our lives. When these regulations are violated, individuals or businesses may have legal recourse by filing a lawsuit against the government agency or employees.

Administrative regulations and appeals are a common type of lawsuit in which individuals or businesses challenge the legality of a government agency’s regulations or decision or have suffered damages or injury resulting from their implementation.

Learn Different Types of Lawsuits

In conclusion, there are countless types of lawsuits, and the types available can vary based on geographic location.

It is best to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney to determine which type of lawsuit is best for your specific situation. 

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