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What Are the Early Signs of Bed Bugs?

Do you think you might have bed bugs?

Before you start throwing stuff away and calling the exterminator, you need to be sure. Sometimes, you might hear those dreaded words, “We have bed bugs,” when you travel.

Or, you might wonder if those “bites” were of a bug nature. Maybe you saw a suspicious bug hiding in a hotel room or a stranger’s basement.

Wondering how to identify bed bugs? Keep reading to learn the early signs of bed bugs.

Bite Marks

Bed bugs typically bite humans during the night when they are asleep and looking for food. They inject a numbing solution while they feed, making it difficult for the person to tell that he/she is even being fed. This results in a red and itchy bite mark that can be quite uncomfortable.

After enough bites, the person may wake up to find clusters of marks on their body. This is the first indication that there is an infestation of bed bugs and can alert people to the presence of bed bugs in their homes or building. Bite marks can remain on the body for up to several days or even weeks after the initial bite and are the first signs of a bed bug problem that should be easily managed appropriately.

Rusty or Reddish Stains

It is due to the corrosion of the bed bug’s own exoskeleton. As bed bugs move around, they tend to leave dirt and feces scattered around, leading to the development of reddish-brown stains on the material below them. The outer shell of the bed bug is composed of a wax-like material and is prone to corrosion over time, which in turn creates a red or rusty stain on whatever surface the bug is moving around on.

Knowing the signs of bed bugs is one of the best ways to avoid a bed bug problem, the reddish-brown stain associated with bed bugs is one of the earlier signs to look out for. Inspect mattress seams, box springs, and other potential hiding spots for Rusty or Reddish Stains that may signal a potential infestation.

Musty Odor

A musty odor is an early sign of bed bugs oftentimes because of alarm pheromone secretions. Bed bugs release this alarm pheromone acquiring musky when they feel distressed.

It can be a sign that a home is infested with bed bugs. The bed bugs musky odor can be detected by trained professionals who know what they are looking for.

They may also use some bed bug sniffing dogs to tell whether the home is infested with bed bugs. Even if the odor is not as strong, it is still a sign of bed bugs and people should treat it as such. To get rid of bed bugs, it’s best to contact the pest control company found here, as they have the best methods to rid the home of bed bug infestation. 

Know These Early Signs of Bed Bugs Today

Bed bug infestations are alarming and require immediate action. Keep an eye out for the early signs of bed bugs, bite marks, rusty or reddish stains, and a sweet, musty odor.

Be sure to call an exterminator as soon as any of these signs are easily spotted to help prevent a full-scale infestation. Don’t wait, act now to help protect your family!

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