What are the different bikes on the market?

If you’re looking for bicycles for sale, there are many different styles and brands on the market to suit your needs. Whatever your reason for wanting a bike (racing, touring, BMX), there are a variety of models and styles to suit your type of riding and your budget. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of bikes available and what makes each type unique.


Electric bikes allow cyclists to go further, higher and faster while limiting fatigue. It is a good choice if you want physical activity, without sweating too much! More and more bike shops are offering the sale of electric bikes to meet the growing demand of cycling enthusiasts looking for an ecological and practical alternative to traditional modes of transport.


Mountain biking (mountain biking) is a very popular choice among casual cyclists who like to ride in rough terrain or explore wilder trails. Mountain bikes are designed for steeper, uneven terrain with wide tires. They offer good grip, anti-shock suspension for comfort and a lower center of gravity for more stability.


Hybrid bikes are meant to be a bit more versatile than mountain bikes, but not as comfortable as a racing bike. These machines generally have a sportier aesthetic and offer superior stiffness compared to other types of bikes. They also generally have better braking and suspension equipment than VBBs.


These types of bikes are intended for daily urban transport. They tend to be sturdy and reliable to ensure a comfortable ride on various urban terrains such as asphalt road, gravel, cobblestones, etc. These typical models are usually equipped with flat axles for better loading. They can be fitted with mudguards, front/rear lights and other useful accessories to facilitate driving in variable weather conditions.


A hybrid takes some characteristics from others so that they can be used in a wide range of applications (casual mountain biking, cushioned and stationary roads or easy cycle paths). It remains versatile, practical to maintain and very affordable in price. This type of bike comes with versatile components such as worm gearboxes, blendable intuitive shifting attached to the frame, advanced disc brak


Routers are designed specifically for long distances on paved or smooth roads. They have lightweight aluminum frames made with scalable components according to the performance required by the driver. Another major comparative advantage is that they usually feature oval pins that can assist in increasing the intensity during the interval while keeping the force constant between the peak points of the rear derailleur gear.


BMXs (Bicycle Motocross) are mainly used for freestyle, although some models are specially created for dirt jumping or slalom. Compared to other types mentioned above, BMX will be your choice if you want sports use. This type of bike offers intense physical maneuvers such as temporary jumps suitable for extreme sports.


Some call them “road” machines because they are designed to be incorporated where possible. They provide a very performance-oriented low position.