What Are the Causes of Low Libido in Women?

Is your low sex drive getting you down? You’re not alone. One in four premenopausal women and one in three menopausal women have low libidos. 

If you’re dreaming about the days it was fun to get frisky and sex was something you actually felt like then you’re probably wondering what the causes of low libido in women are. 

Knowing what the root of your low sex drive is will help you to reclaim your desire for sex. If you’re interested in knowing more then keep reading. 

Medical Conditions Causing Low Libido in Women

There are a few chronic conditions that cause a side effect of low libido. While this seems unavoidable, it just means you’ll need to work a bit harder to improve your sex drive. 

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer all have an effect on your libido. Each condition causes changes in your body such as decreased blood flow and circulation which reduces your sex drive.m

Low Libido as a Side Effect of Medication 

There are certain prescription drugs that are known to have a side effect of low libido. If you suspect that your loss of sex drive is correlated to your medication, speak to your doctor about trying different drugs. 

Some medications that commonly cause low libido include antidepressants and antipsychotics, hormonal contraceptives, and high blood pressure medications. 

Psychological and Emotional Causes of Low Sex Drive

Your state of mind influences your desire to have sex and if your mental and emotional wellbeing is compromised, so is your libido. 

Of course, a poor body image and low-self esteem will affect your libido as you won’t feel comfortable having sex. 

Anxiety, depression, and extreme stress are all a hindrance to a high libido. 

Finding ways to manage your stress and anxiety can be a significant help in boosting your sex drive. It’s important to maintain confidence levels and a healthy mental state for your overall health, including your libido. 

Hormonal Changes Causing Low Female Libido

Hormones play a massive part in the proper functioning of our bodies and our mental wellbeing. Women know the significant effect that hormones have as they experience it through puberty and every month during menstruation. 

Hormonal changes include increased and decreased hormones, as well as testosterone. One of the low testosterone signs in women is a decreased sex drive. 

There are two causes of significant hormonal changes in women that may lead to low libido. Menopause includes decreased estrogen production which may affect your libido. 

The second cause of hormone changes is pregnancy. Hormones change drastically during pregnancy and breastfeeding and these can cause a low sex drive. 

A Lack of Sleep Causing Low Sex Drive 

Good quality, consistent sleep is vital for mental and physical wellbeing. And for your sex drive, too. The more you sleep, the higher your sex drive and arousal the following day. 

So, it makes sense then that if you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re feeling fatigued and irritable the following day you are unlikely to get ‘in the mood.’

For a healthy sex drive and life, ensure that you get enough sleep every night and that it’s good quality, restful sleep. 

Relationship Causes of Low Libido in Women 

A woman’s libido is often intimately connected to their emotions. If you’re having relationship issues or there is an underlying tension, this is likely to affect your sex drive. 

It’s important that you communicate with your partner and address issues in your relationship. This may help to boost your libido. 

What’s more, women tend to have a spike in desire at the beginning of a relationship and this begins to dwindle over time. If you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s a sad reality that your sex drive will begin to dampen. 

It’s not all bad news though because there are steps you can take to increase your libido with lifestyle changes and by spicing up things in the bedroom. 

Lifestyle Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

There are a couple of lifestyle habits of yours that may be dampening your desire to have sex. Making some changes could lead to boosting your libido and spicing up your sex life. 

First off, if you tend to consume alcohol regularly, or in large amounts, this has a negative effect on your libido. While a couple of glasses normally makes one feel frisky, a couple more leads to feeling overly tired and passing out before anything can actually happen. 

Besides that, alcohol messes with the hormone regulation in your reproductive system. So, if you’re a regular heavy drinker you may experience a loss of libido.

Smoking and other stimulants are also a no-no for your libido. Nicotine decreases blood flow throughout the body — to your sex organs, too. That blood flow is important for you to feel turned on and aroused. 

Lastly, if you don’t exercise at all or minimally then this could cause low libido. Exercise and sex drive are connected in a couple of important ways. Exercise balances hormones and improves confidence. Both of these factors are important for libido. 

Get That Sex Drive Back

Have you been able to identify what is behind your low sex drive from this list of causes of low libido in women? Perhaps you just need to make a few lifestyle changes, such as cutting down on alcohol and getting back in the gym. Or maybe it’s time to speak to your doctor about changing medication. 

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are ways that you can boost your libido and it starts with knowing why it disappeared in the first place. 

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