Ways to Prompt Loyalty in Your Employees

It’s a competitive world out there. Jobs are being swapped as easily as Pokémon cards, and keeping your employees is harder than ever – for good reason. There has been mass walk outs of young professionals who are done with their disrespectful working environments.

You don’t want to be one of those places. Take a look at our tips for invoking company loyalty in your employees.


Benefits are a great way to catch new talent. Well-sought-after candidates will have a lot of options out there, and benefits are a good way to get ahead in a competitive industry.

Benefits can be anything from the useful like mileage or a courtesy car for people far from the office, to the less necessary, like gym memberships and massages. You can offer health insurance, dental insurance, pensions, student loan repayment plans, discounts and more.

However, keeping track of all your employees’ benefits can be difficult. A blanket set of benefits for all of them doesn’t work if you’re offering courtesy cars to an employee who lives across the road, or student loan repayment to someone who didn’t go to college.

Download Zest Benefits to keep track of everyone. You can manage your entire team’s benefits from one place, removing and adding where needed, all from a platform that can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Bonuses are another incentive to promote loyalty in your employees. You are simultaneously rewarding good work when one project ends and offering incentive to work harder on the next project. All of that, in turn, is likely to turn into loyalty to your brand and company, as employees are given extra incentive to stay.

The Zest Benefits app also allows you to offer bonuses from the comfort of its all-in-one platform, and even to congratulate employees via the built-in chatroom.

Flexible working hours

The working from home concept isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People are finding it too convenient, liking the work/life balance they’re enjoying, and too affordable to give up. That being said, there are people who simply cannot work well from home.

We’re working with a range of different work ethics and operations, with no one blanket way of doing things that works. This is why the concept of flexible working hours has taken off.

Managers that are open to working with this new way of doing things will no doubt evoke a lot of loyalty. It means putting the needs of your employees first, no matter what those are. If they need to stay at home, they need to stay at home. If they need to not work in their relaxing space, they need to come back to the office.


Training can be very valuable to an employee. They don’t have to simply clock in day by day. They can say they’ve learned something valuable and even applied these new skills to your company. So, not only are you adding skills to their repertoire, but to your own too.

These new skills might serve to attract more customers, if they are in marketing or if your company lends itself to performative skills, or you can use them to fill that space that needs a promotion. Promotions are also a good way to invoke loyalty, as employees will appreciate the faith, the new role and the salary boost.

Create a safe environment

Nothing kills employee loyalty more than feeling unsafe at work. You want to create an environment where everyone feels safe to approach you with their workplace problems. Create a space where people can report harassment or injustices without judgement and your employees will reward you.