Wax Beads vs. Traditional Wax: Which one is more popular?

People have been removing unwanted body hair since the ancient Egyptians began perfecting the art. While wax strips first debuted in the 1960’s, wax beads seem to be way more popular today than traditional wax. People have a lot of options for hair removal today, but wax beads seem to offer the most effective and affordable salon quality results.

This may leave you wondering why wax beads are so much more popular than traditional wax. They are gentle, effective, easy to use, and they offer amazing results. Even if you have used traditional wax to remove hair in the past, you’ll love the benefits of the wax beads experience.

Here’s what you need to know.

Gentler on Skin

Traditional wax sticks to both the hair and the skin, making it more difficult to remove. It requires a material strip which can irritate the skin or cause damage when removed incorrectly. Since traditional wax removes the very top layer of skin, repeated waxing of the same area is discouraged. Any hair left behind after the wax must be shaved or removed by another method.

Wax beads are much gentler on skin, making them ideal for sensitive areas and people with sensitive skin. Wax beads stick to hair but not skin, offering a much more pleasant waxing experience without the use of material strips. It also allows the user to wax the same area multiple times if something is missed.

Better for Sensitive Areas

Sensitive body areas typically have very thin skin that is easily irritated. Wax is normally applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction. Wax beads offer a virtually pain-free hair removal experience, even without a professional. When the skin is prepared properly, wax beads can be used to remove hair almost anywhere without irritation.

Traditional wax sticks to the thin skin in sensitive areas. If applied or removed incorrectly, the client can suffer severe irritation. Traditional wax is not ideal for sensitive areas since it removes the very top layer of skin and should not be repeated.

Less Pain and Residue

Wax beads provide a thicker wax for hair removal. Since wax beads don’t stick to the skin, they leave less of a waxy residue after being removed. Wax beads offer an effective, painless hair removal experience that leaves skin soft and smooth without the use of material strips.

Traditional wax can be painful to remove and often leaves a stubborn waxy residue on skin. While clients prefer the results of waxing to other hair removal options, traditional wax can offer a stressful experience because clients anticipate the pain of the wax removal.

Wax beads are better.

Wax beads are growing in popularity and are quickly becoming the preferred product among consumers. Wax beads offer amazing hair removal results and a virtually pain-free experience, even in sensitive areas. Wax beads stick to the hair and not the skin, so there is less skin irritation and virtually no waxy residue left behind. Traditional wax will still get the job done but wax beads offer a better experience for everyone involved and they are quickly becoming more popular than traditional wax.