Unlocking the Potential of Pre-Roll Tubes

Pre-roll tubes are a convenient, economical, and eco-friendly packaging solution for cannabis products. They can be easily customized to fit your aesthetic, comply with regulatory standards, and make you stand out on the shelf.

These cylinders are child-resistant and come with a living hinge that can be opened and closed multiple times. They are also odor-proof and airtight.

Customization Options

Custom pre-roll tubes are a unique packaging option that can be customized to reflect branding and design. They are highly recognizable and offer a streamlined approach to marketing and branding for both dispensaries and brands. The cylinder-shaped packaging can be printed with any message, logo, or image. It can also be embellished with gold foil, spot-UV, or soft-touch for a premium look.

Many pre-roll tube packaging options exist, including eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sleek glass options. These pre-roll tube types are designed to meet the specific needs of brands and customers, ranging from aesthetics to portability and product preservation.

One of the most popular pre-roll tubes is the plastic pop-top variety. These tubes have a push-and-turn lid that is easy for adults to use but impossible for children to open. These containers are durable airtight, and offer a protective seal to keep cannabis fresh.

Another option for pre-roll tube packaging is a shrink wrap, which is applied to the outside of the container. This label can be printed in full color and is an excellent alternative to stickers, as it offers more coverage for branding. It is also odor-proof and comes in various styles, such as embossing, spot-UV, and gold foil. These labels can create a tamper-evident seal, which some states require.


A pre-roll tube is an ideal way to package a single, pre-rolled cannabis product. It has an odor-tight seal and is easy to open for adults while keeping the contents fresher longer. The tube can also be sealed with a tamper-evident mechanism, which many state regulations require.

While these tubes aren’t child-resistant by design, they can easily be made with a tamper-evident band or sticker. A tamper-evident band is a clear plastic sleeve that goes around the tube and can only be opened by ripping it off. It’s also a great way to add branding, as it covers the entire surface area of the tube.

Other tamper-evident features include a living hinge and a pre-inserted polypropylene liner. The tamper-evident hinge is designed to be durable, and the liner helps the pre-roll maintain its freshness. The hinge is made of recycled material from ocean plastic, making the product eco-friendly and compliant in stricter markets.

A tube must undergo specific tests with 100 children under five to be labeled child-resistant. The test results must reveal that 85 children could not open the tube using various tools, skills, and motions. These tubes meet the ASTM D-3475 standards and are an excellent option for anyone who is looking to keep their pre-rolled cannabis products safe from kids while still enjoying their portability.


Whether you’re selling cannabis in the medical or recreational market, you want to ensure that your product stays fresh. The suitable pre-roll tubes are an essential tool for keeping your products smelling great, and they can also help you stay compliant with local and state regulations. The odor-tight seal of a pre-roll tube locks in scent while keeping out oxidizing air and harmful moisture, making them an intelligent choice for cannabis brands looking to stand out on dispensary shelves.

There are several options for odor-proof pre-roll packaging, including glass and plastic. Some of these are also child-resistant. Plastic tubes with a pop-top opening mechanism comply with child safety standards by requiring users to align dots on the cap with the lid to open it, similar to some medications like aspirin. However, this mechanism uses eco-friendly plastics that are less durable than standard plastic and can break if handled roughly.

Another option is to use a tamper-evident shrink band or paper sticker. These clear bands wrap around the top of the container and require heat to be shrunk, making it obvious when the container has been tampered with. Adding these mechanisms can help you avoid fines in markets that need them.


Choosing something durable is essential if you’re looking for a new pre-roll container. A flimsy doobie tube is more likely to crush your joint and result in a bad experience for your customers. Durable containers also help preserve and protect your product by excluding odors, ensuring your pre-roll is fresh and flavorful.

There are a variety of different types of pre-roll tubes to choose from. Some are more affordable than others, and some come in various colors and patterns. There are even some that are child-resistant, which is essential for companies that operate in states with strict compliance regulations. Choosing the right type of container will depend on your brand’s aesthetic and overall branding.

Glass pre-roll tubes are popular among consumers because they offer a high-end look and feel. They also uphold product quality and freshness far better than plastic. They can also be adorned with tamper-evident features, a great way to add an extra layer of security to your products.

Another advantage of using a pre-roll tube is that it’s easy to conceal. This feature can be helpful if you want to hide the smell of your herb. It can also be beneficial if you’re in a hurry or need to keep your cannabis in a discreet location.