Understanding Personal Injury Lawyers’ Roles – When and Why You Need One

A personal injury lawyer provides objective opinions about your case that are not clouded by the fear, anger, frustration, and stress most accident victims experience. They will ask questions about the accident circumstances, your injuries, pain, recovery, and medical care.

They can also help you pursue compensation for damages resulting from medical malpractice, such as a misdiagnosis or surgical error.

Defend Your Rights

While you focus on overcoming your injury and repairing your life, your personal injury lawyer focuses on protecting your legal rights. They act as a barrier between you and the legal world by redirecting all communication with the other parties to their office and acting as your representative. This ensures that nobody can slip anything past them or mislead you.

They also conduct a thorough investigation to determine how your accident occurred and who was responsible for it. This could involve interviews with witnesses, analyzing CCTV footage, reviewing medical and police reports, etc.

They know how to interpret the evidence and apply relevant laws to establish a strong compensation claim. Moreover, they are skilled negotiators and are prepared to go to trial if necessary. This gives them a significant advantage over victims who choose to represent themselves. A reputable Lampert and Walsh attorney will always fight for the maximum settlement available. They only get paid if you win, so they are incentivized to do just that.

Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Many assume that handling their case without a lawyer is viable, especially when they have minor injuries and losses. However, insurance representatives may try to convince you that an attorney is a necessary evil that will take a large chunk out of your settlement.

Insurance companies are not interested in providing you with the compensation you deserve. Having an experienced attorney level the playing field and effectively negotiate on your behalf is the only way to get a fair settlement.

Your attorney will prepare interrogatories and depositions to ask questions of all parties involved in your case. They will also ensure that substantial evidence, such as the defective product you were injured by, is gathered and not lost. 

Represent You in Court

While most cases are settled out of court, if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, your attorney will file a lawsuit against them. This process is time-consuming and requires a lawyer with experience handling such matters.

Your injury lawyer will review all documents, medical bills, and reports to prepare for trial. This will include a comprehensive liability analysis. They will also review applicable statutes, case law, and common laws to establish a valid rationale for pursuing your claim.

They will then hire expert witnesses to support their arguments. Having these professionals present at trial will help strengthen your case and give the jury a better understanding of your injury and its impact on your future. Most importantly, your injury lawyer can make objective opinions about the case without being clouded by fear, anger, frustration, and stress that many accident victims understandably feel. This will allow them to negotiate a fairer compensation deal.

Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Severe injuries can have a long-term impact on your quality of life. They can result in permanent disability, leading to you hiring help around the house or moving into a long-term care facility. Personal injury lawyers can get you the money you need to support your family while you recover.

Personal injury cases generate a lot of paperwork, including medical and financial records. It takes a team of dedicated experts to comb through all these documents and find relevant details that can strengthen your case.

During the investigation and discovery phase, your attorney will prepare interrogatories (written questions), request depositions, and attend mediation with you, the other party’s lawyer, and any insurance company representatives. They can also help you secure a fair settlement by negotiating with the adverse parties. Sometimes, your personal injury attorney might even file a lawsuit. This signals a new phase in your fight to get your deserved compensation.