“Under Heaven” Food Lifestyle

   China is one of the largest countries in the world. Its colossal potential makes me nervous in the political arena even in the USA. Such potential was achieved with lots of effort and work. From ancient times people enjoyed gambling during their free time. Today you can join them as well and try your luck at  

Chinese Food Style 

  There are almost no dairy products in China. People prefer soy to regular milk and tofu to cheese. In Hong Kong, you can find Tofu Fa which is a dessert made from soy, cheese, and sugar. Southern China loves meat. You can feel the magnificent taste of ducks, chickens, porks, and beef. Everything is sold in large quantities with a huge amount of hot sauce. 

  In China, there is a restaurant or a small cafe at every step. During the daytime, establishments that are similar to our canteens are very popular as you can take a tray, lay rice and other components of your future dish and enjoy a budget lunch. 

   The average Chinese lunch is a large portion of rice or noodles, many pieces of meat, a side dish in the form of zucchini or other vegetables, hot sauce, or soy sauce. In China rice replaces bread, so almost any dish is served with rice. The problem for a non-Chinese is that you never know what this or that dish would be like. For example, carrots can be spicy and salty, while cherry tomatoes are sweet and can be served with a dessert. By the way, the Chinese are very fond of different sweets. YOu can find ice cream with traditional or strange flavors almost in any store as well as many other sweets. Every Chinese always has a small thermos of warm water with them, so they can always have a delicious tea. You can fill the thermos almost in any institution like cinemas, train stations or even shops. There are free coolers with cold and hot water. 

Street Food 

  Street food is very popular in China. A cook with his barbecue appears at each house. Passers-by choose raw vegetables, meat, fish, and other ingredients, place them on a tray and go to take a seat at the table. After 10 or 15 minutes, they receive an order from a friend in a thick layer of oil. Here it should be admitted that in China there are so many different ways of frying. But you should be careful and warn the cook about the hot sauces and spices.

  Also among these grillers, you can find guys who make noodles with additives from vegetables and meat and cooks who specialize in dumplings for soup. They can be found a few meters apart, so there is always a choice. The best choice is vegetables, meat, and other delicates that can be immediately cooked. 

   Unfortunately, street vendors do not care about hygiene at all. So every time you decide to try something from these vendors it can become a Russian Roulette for you eventually. If you are lucky you will taste a marvelous dinner if you are not lucky your stomach will hurt all day. 

   In conclusion, if you don’t feel like cooking at home, then you can always find a cafe or a restaurant with one or another cuisine. But you are in China, try to taste Chinese cuisine, and don’t forget about hygiene.