Track Your DBS Application Online

After submitting your DBS application, you’ll receive a unique reference number that allows you to track the progress of your check online. It only takes a few clicks!

DBS checks are essential for anyone who works with children or vulnerable adults. They help protect these groups from unsuitable workers.

Saves You Time

When you apply for a DBS check by hand and send it to the police by post, it can take weeks for them to process your application. This is because the police must verify the details submitted with the application; this can take a long time depending on several factors, such as staffing at the local force, system issues, or variations in demand for DBS checks at a particular time of year.

When tracking your DBS application online, they will notify you via email as your application progresses through the five stages of the DBS checking process. You can then view the status of your application at any time using our simple online system. This allows you to track the progress of your application, bringing you peace of mind.

In addition, if you choose to join the Update Service (at an annual subscription of PS13 per year, free for volunteers), your certificate will be available to any employer/recruiting organization to check online with your consent. This will show any new information added to the Disclosure Barring Service since your original DBS check was issued, such as spent and unspent convictions, cautions, or reprimands.

These benefits can add up to a considerable amount of time saved for you and your organization. uCheck’s online DBS application tracking system is quick, easy to use, and completely secure. It is also a cost-effective solution with no minimum contracts or contractual tie-ins – you are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis for the services provided.

Saves You Money

DBS checks are a requirement for some jobs in schools, nurseries, care homes, and high-security psychiatric hospitals. Still, they can be costly for both the individual undergoing the check and their employer. Aside from the cost of completing and printing out forms, there is also the additional expense of sending them in via post.

If an error is made on a paper application, it must be sent back for correction, which adds a considerable delay. However, with online applications, correcting mistakes quickly and is accessible.

It is common for applicants to miss information on their forms, especially when writing by hand. This can lead to several issues, including the police being told about incidents that shouldn’t be and delays in processing the DBS check. Using an online system allows errors to be avoided, and applicants can rest assured that their DBS check will be accurate and current.

Online DBS applications are better for the environment, too, as they eliminate the need to print and send applications in by post. This means fewer carbon emissions and less deforestation, which is excellent news for our planet. Additionally, applicants can track their applications on a smartphone, which is ideal for busy people on the go.

Saves You Paper

In the past, applying for a DBS check required filling out a paper form and mailing it off. However, technology has come a long way, and using DBS checks online is now possible. It is much more convenient, and it can also save you money.

When you use an online DBS application form, the information is sent directly to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This means there is no need for an envelope and the accompanying postage fees. This is a significant advantage, as it can significantly reduce the processing time of your DBS check.

Another benefit of using an online DBS application form is eliminating any room for error. When completing a paper DBS check, there is always the risk of missing crucial information or misreading the data. If this happens, the DBS check may be delayed while the information is corrected and resubmitted. Online applications prevent this from occurring, as the information is entered correctly immediately.

The online DBS application system also offers transparent pricing for its services. It is charged per application, with no setup or monthly fee. This allows employers and individuals to budget for their DBS costs. It also means you only pay for what you need rather than an overcomplicated service full of hidden charges.

Saves You the Environment

DBS checks submitted online can be completed much more quickly than if they were to be applied for by post. This means that the DBS can rapidly process and return certificates to people. The speed of processing can also reduce environmental waste. When applications are sent online, there is less need for paper and the use of fuel for postage, which is good for our planet.

When you apply for a DBS check online, you can get your certificate back within hours. This can significantly benefit candidates and employers alike who need to know the status of their checks. It can be very disappointing when a candidate or employer has to wait longer than expected to get their result, and this can be especially difficult for those who are vulnerable, for example, elderly or disabled applicants.

The person given the DBS check (the applicant), Responsible Organisations, and Countersignatories can track their application through all stages online using our tracking service. They will need their application reference number and date of birth to do this.

It is worth noting that if a person wants to withdraw their application before it reaches the printing stage, they will need to make a new application and pay the fee again. However, this should only be done if the disclosed information is irrelevant to the job they are applying for and has been told correctly.