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Top 5 Features to Look for in an Apartment for Rent

When looking for an apartment for rent, there are many things that you must keep in mind. A few of the most essential amenities are closet space, a pool, and parking.

Individuals seeking the best prices should typically schedule their apartment hunt between October through April. However, that may only be an option for some individuals.


Parking is an important amenity that tenants should consider when choosing a new apartment. While some might think it’s not an essential feature, others may find that a lack of on-site parking causes problems or inconveniences.

Some apartments for rent in Rome, NY, offer assigned parking, typically in a garage or parking lot that the building owner controls. These parking spots are usually marked with a number or letter, making it easy for residents to identify their vehicles.

Other apartments have unassigned parking, which allows residents to park anywhere on the property that isn’t reserved for other tenants or guests. This type of parking is common in many apartment communities and can help minimize conflict and stress for residents. If a complex has more unassigned parking than spaces, tenants can often request to be added to a waitlist for a spot.

Closet Space

When apartment hunting, you must have a list of your top priorities. This will help you narrow your search and avoid renting an apartment that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Many renters want to be sure they have enough closet space. Space can be hard to come by in a city like New York, where real estate is expensive.

Make sure to inspect any closets that you’re interested in to ensure they are functional and clean. Closets are dark and are favorite hiding places for rodents and cockroaches, so it’s important to check them thoroughly. Also, if wire shelves are in the closet, consider removing them to create more space for hangers and shoe racks. This is a quick and inexpensive improvement that will increase the functionality of the closet.


Having pet-friendly apartments can increase the number of potential tenants. However, it may come with an additional deposit or fee, which renters should know.

It also helps to have a pet policy that includes a list of breeds that are not allowed. This can help avoid issues with allergens, as pets shed hair and can spread it through air conditioning ducts.

Many pet owners will be more willing to stay in a pet-friendly apartment longer. It can be difficult to find a place for them and their furry friend, and they’ll want to prevent stress for their animal. It can also reduce the chances of strained landlord-tenant relationships, a common cause of residence shifts. Moreover, pets can become attached to their surroundings and recognize them as home, making it difficult for them to move.

Smoke Detectors

smoke detector is a must-have for tenants. It can help save lives in the event of a fire, and if one is triggered, it will activate the whole fire alarm system, alerting everyone to evacuate the building.

Carbon monoxide detectors can also help keep tenants safe from the odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that could cause poisoning if inhaled in large quantities. Some states require landlords to install both in their rental properties.

Many of today’s smoke detectors are smart devices controlled by voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. They can even display their battery and working status, ensuring they always work as intended. This helps ease the mind of renters and reduces maintenance issues for landlords.


When searching for an apartment, creating a list of must-have features and rental deal breakers is important. This will help narrow your search and ensure you find an apartment that meets your needs.

Having ample storage space in your apartment is essential. It can save you money on storage fees and keep your belongings organized. Look for built-in storage options, like closets and shelving, and furniture pieces double as storage, like ottomans with shelves underneath.

Also, consider investing in renters insurance. It’s a cheap monthly fee that can save you much money if your possessions are stolen or damaged. This is especially true for items you may only use occasionally, such as clothing and electronics.