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Tips for choosing the best motorcycle accident attorney

You can get exposed to motorcycle accidents and possibly incur serious injuries. Did you know that rather than car passengers, motorcyclists have 29% more chances of dying in an accident? 52% of fatal motorcycle accidents are because the rider was not wearing a helmet. The lawyers in Florida usually take up a percentage of your claim settlement amount. It usually ranges between 35-40% of the settlement.

In case you suffer an accident, you need to ensure the best team of Florida motorcycle accident attorneys and doctors on your side to help you recover from the situation. If you seek help, here are factors that will help you choose the best attorney. However, before delving deep, it is essential to understand the role of an attorney.


Why do you need a motorcycle accident attorney?

If you have met a motorcycle accident and have insurance, they are likely to pay only for your medical bills and the damage it caused to the bike. However, there’s always more to any injury than the medical bills. The suffering and pain you have been through have the right to negotiations. When you hire a Florida motorcycle accident attorney, you can fight for yourself and might claim for the losses you have been through.


How to choose the best attorney?

There are several types of personal injury lawyers in Florida, and choosing the best for yourself can be overwhelming. Since it involves a lot of money, you don’t want to do it wrong. Here is some advice for choosing a Florida motorcycle accident attorney.


Look for a referral.

Start looking for the best lawyer within your network. This will help you to take reviews from someone who has already been injured before and had a positive outcome with the help of a lawyer. Take their recommendation, as it is easy to trust a family member over any online review. They can guide you as they have been through similar situations before.


Previous experience

An attorney’s experience is one of the most significant factors to consider. An experienced professional will know the ins and outs of the system. They may also have established relationships with top names in the state. It will help you quickly get out if you are stuck in a particular situation. Therefore, a lawyer with a vast clientele and good experience should be on your priority list.


Check their track records.

There are several types of personal injury attorneys. Their experience with car accident victims might not be the same as the ones who suffered from a motorcycle accident. Selecting a lawyer who only takes up motorcycle accident cases daily is essential. Before signing the contract, check how many cases they have solved before to understand better.



Motorcycle accidents usually take a long time to settle or even take to court. It is vital to take note of the communication timing of your lawyers. You must hear from your lawyer every two weeks. In case of any queries, your lawyer must always be available to help you. You can ensure that the lawyer has an office for you to have proper conversations and communication.



There were 531 motorcycle fatalities in 2018 in Florida. In 2021, 593 people died in Florida due to motorcycle accidents. There is always more to your injuries, giving you the right to receive compensation for your suffering and pain. Several factors are responsible for calculating the settlement, and the amount entirely depends on your case situation. Therefore, hiring an experienced and reliable lawyer is best to get what you deserve.