The Ultimate Guide to Enscape – 4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Visualization Workflow With Enscape

Enscape is a real-time rendering and visualization plugin for Vectorworks, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, ArchiCAD, and other design software. It can help you create a walkthrough and showcase your designs to clients.

The camera path may need to be modified to adjust the view direction or avoid colliding with objects in the scene. Modifying keyframes can do it.

How to Render in Enscape

Once the Enscape plugin is installed, a new toolbar will be available in SketchUp. Click on it to launch the software and access its rendering functions.

Once a model is rendered, it can be shared with stakeholders to obtain feedback or approval. This process is made easier with Enscape’s collaborative interface. The ‘create issue’ command in the view management window can initiate discussions on specific parts of the model, or you can kick off a conversation from the 3D view by right-clicking objects.

Another powerful function is the ability to create video walkthroughs of a design model. Using the Keyframe Editor, different settings like time of day, field of view, and depth of field can be adjusted between keyframes to create a desired path. The animation can then be previewed or exported as an MP4 file. The same process can also be used to create panorama renderings of a project.

Rendering Tips

With Enscape, high-fidelity real-time renderings are a snap, but with just a few pro tips, you can push your images further. Impress clients with incredibly photorealistic images that will leave them wondering if they traveled to the future to take photos of the project!

Enscape offers game-changing PBR materials that provide a huge boost to realism. However, using many detailed blocks in your model can slow down performance. To improve this, use proxies to create simplified models of your complex elements. These proxies can be substituted when rendering into your main SketchUp model, saving you valuable performance.

The video editor provides a powerful yet simple workflow for creating realistic video walk-throughs of your design. You can set a path for the video by adding keyframes in the view direction arrow, time of day, field of view, and depth of field controls. Adjustments in these parameters will morph between the different keyframes in the video.

Rendering Techniques

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality software plugin that seamlessly integrates with modeling software, improving the design process and producing realistic images and 3D walkthroughs. It eliminates the hassles of production, shortening the feedback loop and giving you more time to focus on design.

Changes in the CAD model are reflected immediately in the rendered image or video, allowing you to assess the impact of client requests and iterations. You can quickly respond to client feedback and make changes while evaluating their impact, ensuring your design is on track.

Use the custom asset library to add detail and life to your projects. Choose from 210 assets and 52 materials to bring your designs to life. You can also adjust lighting and expose your models with exposure, tint, and filters to enhance them even more. Save sun positions to reproduce the same effect and create consistent images easily.

Rendering Tools

Using real-time rendering and an asset library can boost your landscape designs. With real-time rendering, if you change your design software, it will also instantly appear in the render, eliminating the need to re-render.

Another useful tool for the software is the ability to create video walk-throughs. To do this, you must select a view and add keyframes at the desired points for movement.

For example, if you want the camera to move around a corner or up and down stairs, click on the path and drag the mouse until the desired position is reached.

Then, you can choose the desired frame rate and lossless or lossy export quality. A higher resolution takes longer to render, while a lower one reduces the file size. An IES profile is an additional tool that can greatly improve the lighting distribution of your model.