The Latest Video Content Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

Would you be surprised to learn that 45% of people watch more than one hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week? With such a massive audience spending so much time consuming video content, it’s vital for businesses to post clips that can boost their brand awareness and generate sales.

But what are the latest video content marketing trends that you need to know about? By getting on board early, you could gain an edge over your rivals and capture a larger share of the market. 

While this is an ever-changing sector, there are some excellent video marketing trends that are enjoying huge popularity in 2022.

Read on to learn more. 

Live Videos

Going live is one of the most exciting new trends in video content marketing. This can be a great way to demonstrate how your products work or to give an interesting presentation. 

Viewers can also text you during your performance and ask questions. You can then answer their queries in real-time during your stream.

Shoppable Videos

The marketing industry is always looking for ways to increase sales, and shoppable videos shorten the buying cycle. Consumers can watch your clip and click on an embedded link in the footage to buy your products without leaving the video. 

Expect to see more and more of these types of videos in the coming months. 

Short-Form Videos

Your marketing efforts don’t have to be time-consuming, and a short-form video can be ideal when advertising to customers who don’t have the time or patience to watch a long-form video.

You can use the best free video editing software to create a short clip that is full of useful information for a viewer can consume in just a few minutes. This technique can help you reach customers who only have a few spare minutes in their day.

Interactive Videos

One of the most innovative marketing techniques is to allow viewers to control elements of your videos.

For example, in an interactive video, you could let consumers move the camera and watch the content from an angle of their choosing. Or, they could click an item in the video, and this would change the next bit of footage that appears, essentially allowing customers to choose their own ending.

This can be a great way to hold a viewer’s attention as they will be playing an active role in controlling the video.

Video Content Marketing Is Here to Stay

Video content marketing is increasing in popularity every day and is now an essential advertising tool for any modern business. Creating short-form videos is an excellent way to market to busy consumers, while live content marketing allows you to communicate with your audience in real-time.

It’s also possible to impress customers with an interactive video, and massively increase your sales revenues by making it easy for consumers to make purchases when viewing a shoppable video.

With so many video styles to choose from, you can create hours of engaging content to help build your business’s brand. 

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