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The Future of Aeternity – Is It the Next Generation of Blockchain Technology?

Aeternity (AE) is a new blockchain technology that uses state channels to achieve scalability. It solves the problem of transaction speed and improves the efficiency of smart contracts. The application of state channels allows Aeternity to achieve great transaction speeds. That makes it faster than most other blockchain technologies. 

Aeternity is also useful for creating decentralized applications (DApps). It enables computing outside of the blockchain. It also enables the creation of more complicated contracts without slowing down transaction speeds. Data storage and communication between smart contracts and off-chain resources are also possible with Aeternity’s design. It makes it easier to create DApps that interact with real-world data using smart contracts.
At present, there are 348398948 AE coins under circulation. But, the value keeps changing and fluctuating very often. So, you will have to refer to the live charts for the updated data.

What is a State Channel?

State channels are a two-way communication channel between two parties (or more). It can be used to send transactions back and forth without publishing them on the blockchain. State channels need a deposit into a smart contract. It prevents malicious actors from attempting to steal funds during a series of transactions.

The state channels, which work at the blockchain level, allow transactions to be executed rapidly without having to go via the main chain. The speed of transactions is increased because the information about a transaction does not need to be transmitted and verified by every node on the blockchain.

How to Convert Aeternity to Any Other Digital Currency?

Like most cryptocurrencies, you can also convert Aeternity to any desired crypto token. But, you’ll need to find an exchange platform that handles both currencies, AE and the crypto token you’d like to convert it to. The aggregator – Alligat0r supports AE, and here you can convert your AE coins into any other token at the best exchange value!

Below down is the process to convert your AE coins into any other crypto token on Alligat0r-

  • Log on to the Alligat0r and locate the aggregator convertor.
  • Click on the drop-down menu in the first row and select AE.
  • Enter the number of AE tokens you want to convert in the first row.
  • Select the token you want to exchange your AE tokens from the drop-down option.
  • Click on view offers and select a platform from the list of suggested exchange platforms to convert your AE coins into other crypto tokens.
  • Following the above, provide your wallet details and proceed to complete the exchange.

Final Takeaway

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and new tokens are constantly being introduced. While not all of them will provide positive results, exceptional ones such as Aeternity can be profitable in the long term. But you’ll still have to be vigilant of your investments. The introduction of new technologies and market conditions can affect the Aeternity price at any given moment.