The Brief Guide That Makes Performing Beginner Vape Tricks Simple

Vaping is a great way to transition off of cigarettes, but did you know that you can have fun with vape tricks?

Whether you’re a long-standing vape enthusiast, or you’re just a beginner vaper, you might not be well-versed in some of the amazing tricks you can do with your vape. It’s a great way to impress your friends and kill time when you’re bored.

In this post, we’re going to give you a brief guide for performing beginner vape tricks. They might look difficult, but keep reading and you’ll realize that you too can be a professional vaper in no time.

Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale is one of the easier vape tricks out there and you don’t really need much vape experience to pull it off. Basically, you just want to exhale a cloud of vapor, then rapidly suck it back in, creating a “ghost” vape effect.

First, get your favorite vape and e-juice from, then load it up and take a drag. Push the vapor out quickly so that it forms a rapid ball. Once it’s out, quickly re-inhale it and you’ll have just a few trails of vapor left.


Blowing O’s is one of the all-time classic tricks, which predates vaping, but still works well with vape devices of all kinds. This is a bit tougher than the ghost inhales, but it’s by no means a difficult trick, so let us tell you what to do.

Take a good drag on your vape device, but be careful not to let it go into your lungs. Instead, let it fill up your mouth and hold it there while you form an “O” with your lips. Keep your tongue flat on the floor of your mouth and push the vapor out in quick succession to get those coveted rings. Once you master this, you’ll be ready for a lot of the more advanced vape tricks.

French Inhale

Another intermediate trick is the French inhale, which started with cigarette smokers back in the day. In the same way as the O-ring trick, the French inhale requires you to take a large amount of vapor in your mouth without it going to your lungs. You can help yourself out by placing the tongue at the back of the mouth.

Really gently, open your mouth and let the vapor start to seep out. Pushing your lower lip outward will force the vapor up toward your nose. As this is happening, push your tongue slowly to the front of your mouth and start inhaling through your nose.

When done correctly, you should have a reverse waterfall effect, with the vapor coming out of your mouth and going up into your nose.

Taking Vape Tricks to The Street

Now that you know a few of the best beginner vape tricks, you can start practicing so you can one day impress your friends. Mastering the basic tricks is a key stepping stone for introducing more intermediate and advanced ones. But that’s for another post.

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