3 Ways to Use a Vape Starter Kit

Are you new to the world of vaping?

If so, you’re in for an enjoyable experience. After all, vaping is a great way to enjoy a variety of cannabis products, including CBD oil and THC e-juice.

The best way for newbies to get started is to experiment with a vape pen starter kit. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for great advice on using your first vape starter kit.

This article takes a look at popular ways to use a CBD oil vape pen starter kit to maximize your vaping experience. Keep reading to learn tips that will take your CBD enjoyment to the next level.  

Vape Kit Parts

Let’s start with the basics of your vape pen kit. The best vape starter kit will include a battery, coil, tank, and drip tip.

The drip tip is the part you inhale from. It’s kind of like a chimney that transports the vapor from the coil to your lungers.

The coil is made of cotton and wire and is designed to absorb your e-juice and heat it up so that it turns to vapor.

The tank contains the e-juice and feeds it to the coil to be heated up and inhaled.

The battery obviously provides power to the pen coil. Without a good battery, you won’t be able to turn the e-juice into vapor.

When asking how much is a vape starter kit, the price will depend on the quality of the various components.

Choosing the Right E-Juice

Not all e-juices are the same. Some are stronger than others, and you won’t want to overdo it at first. The key is to start with something mellow and work your way up once you decide what you like.

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Methods for Using a Vape Pen

There are three basic methods of using a vaping device. These include the MTL or mouth-to-lung and DTL or direct-to-lung.

1. MTL

The MTL method involves first drawing the vapor into your mouth before moving it into your lungs. This is ideal for beginners, especially when you’re experimenting with different flavors and strengths of e-juice.

2. DTL

The DTL method of vaping provides a more intense hit from the pen because you bypass your mouth and inhale directly into your lungs.

It’s important to keep in mind that both methods are great, but DTL is typically best suited for experienced vapers.

3. Alternating the Output Power

This is a method of vaping that enables you to discover the nuances of the juice you choose to vape. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone prefers a different output power. This is especially true for beginners. The best range is 9-15watts. 

The more you practice, the more you will begin to understand the advantages of each method of vaping and adjust your vaping style accordingly.

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A Newbie’s Guide to Using a Vape Starter Kit

It’s no secret that vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years. Fortunately, this guide to using a vape starter kit will help you feel like an old pro in no time at all. 

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