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Save time and get your lawn looking beautiful with a zero turn mower

Returning home for the weekend, you are ready to kick back and enjoy some beers and pizza watching the sport on TV. It should be a fantastic lazy couple of days recharging the batteries.

That looks a ripper plan, but it isn’t striking a chord with your partner who has another agenda in mind for you. In fairness, you have been putting off mowing out your lawn for a few weeks. While it’s not crawling with wildlife yet, you must admit that it looks a mess.

Part of your reluctance to give it a trim is that your old mower makes it a real chore. Your good lady, bless her heart, is trying to help, especially after pointing out the best John Deere zero turn prices Australia has to offer. She wins again, as you head off to a showroom.

The first thing that impresses you is the service supplied along with the full back up of a support team which is offered by the company who is the number one supplier for the manufacturer. The name of John Deere is instantly recognisable to you, as it’s the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural and turf equipment. You are given a guarantee that any required parts will be sourced within days along with repair assistance if needed.

You were shown a link to read up on zero turn mowers by your helpful other half, which revealed that they are extremely popular, and you could soon see why. Being faster than a traditional mower is an immediate attraction, as it will allow you to complete the mowing in a shorter time, which will allow you to return to the important matters at hand. Although you are filled with trepidation after reading an article about how to redo the floor of your house. You just hoped that nobody else had seen it!

Once started, you had to confess that it was a joy to sit on and use its fantastic manoeuvrability, allowing you to glide around the shrubbery with a sense of style and artistry not normally associated with you.

Being able to turn at 180 degrees without any issues was fun, and made mowing your lawn enjoyable for the first time in years. You could soon turn back and catch any bits that you had previously missed. There is a bit of a slant to your garden, but the fantastic sloping capabilities meant that it was rendered insignificant. You enjoyed yourself so much that you suggested a visit to a botanic garden, much to your angel’s surprise.

Turning at the end of a row was simple with your zero turn mower, which allowed you to cut in lines and create those lined effects like you hoped to see on TV when you were finished. An attachment meant that all the clippings were collected, saving further time.

Your John Deere zero turn mower has seen your opinion of tending your lawn change, because it made it easy, enjoyable, while completing a fantastic job.