Reasons To Invest in Gold Bullion in Singapore

People are always looking for ways and ideas to increase their wealth. Due to inflation, the value of paper money is constantly declining, and you need to look for new investments rather than just stowing your money in bank accounts. 

Investing in precious metals has a long history. Throughout history, gold has been used for trading and accumulating wealth. Even in the 21st century, investing in gold remains a good option. 

Here are a few reasons you should invest in gold bullion in Singapore.

Easy Availability 

One of the reasons to invest in gold is the easy availability of bullion in Singapore. You can buy gold from various sources in Singapore. For example, you can purchase gold bullion from traders, banks, or financial institutions that have obtained licenses to trade precious metals in Singapore. 

As per Singapore laws, any entity dealing in precious metals, gold, or exclusive contracts must obtain a license. International Enterprise Singapore (IE) and MAS (The Monetary Authority of Singapore) offer licensing for trading precious metals. 

It Can Protect Against Inflation Risks 

Singapore has been experiencing inflation in recent years due to various reasons like rising prices of services and food commodities. As per recent data, 2017 registered an inflation of 0.58% while 2018 and 2019 registered 0.44% and 0.57% inflation respectively. 

Inflation is one thing that can kill your investment. Money is known to lose its value over the years. Hence, you should never keep your cash investment. Gold is a safe asset that can protect you from inflation. If you look at the price history of gold, it has consistently outperformed the inflation rate. By investing in gold bullion, you can significantly reduce inflation risk. Also, the easy availability of bullion makes the investment process much more manageable. 

A Good Way to Save Money for Future

As per recent data, Singapore stands at 27th position of gold rankings holding around 127.4 tonnes of gold. People tend to save money for older age when they are working. Investing in real estate is not an option to save small amounts. However, you can invest in physical gold in small quantities. Gold bullion is available in a wide range, and you can get gold coins ranging from 0.5 grams to 50 grams that allow you to make a small investment and save money for the future. 

Easy to Buy and Sell in Market 

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to buy and sell gold bullion in Singapore. The traders who sell gold bullions also repurchase them from people. Gold bullion comes with a guarantee certificate about its purity. It makes gold bullion trading simple, and most traders will happily buy them after verifying their purity. 

No Maintenance Required 

The best part of investing in gold bullion is it does not require any maintenance. You can buy and store it safely without any worry about its degradation. Singapore laws consider investment-grade bullion private property, making it out of reach for external authorities. 

Moreover, gold does not react with air, so it does not corrode or rust. It is also unaffected by water, air, acids, and alkalis except for aqua regia, a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid that dissolves gold.