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Questions To Ask Potential Fencing Contractors

Have you thought about installing your own fence? You may have done research and even planned it out, but when you realized the details, from permitting and calling your utility companies to do your own digging, you may have realized the benefits of hiring a professional. Now, you need to find a fencing contractor who can install the fence you want. These are some tips for finding a reputable fencing contractor.

Research Local Contractors

Your first step should include creating a list of local contractors. Go beyond looking for fencing contractors because many builders or landscapers also install fencing. Search for is their licensing and insurance. Your prospects should state that they have a license and insurance on their websites, but you can also call and visit their offices to view them in person.

Also, check online reviews and their status with your local chamber of commerce as well as the Better Business Bureau. Make sure they work with the types of fencing you desire, e.g., aluminum fence installation.

Get Referrals

First, take a drive around your neighborhood. Look for newly installed fences. Talk to your neighbors, friends and family members about who they would recommend. How was their experience with their fencing contractor? Find out how long the installation process took, when the fence got installed and how it has held up.

Contact Your Prospects

Part of your fencing contractor hiring process should include interviews with your prospects. Discuss the company and its staff’s experience. Ask whether the company uses subcontractors and make sure they are also licensed and insured. A representative of the company should come out and evaluate your project as well. Discuss warranties.

Ask who needs to pull permits, you or the contractor, and if he or she expects any zoning challenges. Discuss your fence height and materials as well. Find out if the company has time in its schedule to complete your project and how long it should take. Discuss anything that could delay your project. Then collect estimates.

Choose a contractor that builds a high-quality fence using great raw materials for a reasonable price.