Insider Secrets – How to Make Your Instagram Reel Stand Out

The best Reels grab attention and inspire viewers to take action. They feature special effects, eye-catching images, text, funny dialogue or scenarios, and trending audio.

Instagram Reels also feature captions and hashtags, giving them huge potential to reach a wider audience. To make your Reel stand out from the crowd, keep these tips in mind:

Add a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Instagram Reels are a great way to offer value and build your brand. Whether it’s a freebie, advice for a particular topic, or a call to action to follow your business on other social platforms, this content can yield powerful connections for brands and influencers.

Reels are also a great tool to drive traffic to your website and blog. Here are tips on how to make a reel on Instagram; you can add on-screen text to Reels that includes links and a call-to-action, like “click here to learn more” or a star and hand-pointing emoji to direct viewers to a specific page of your site.

You can add a CTA to your Instagram Reel in the same place you would on a post or story: the square button in the bottom center of the screen that says “New Post,” “Your Story,” or “Reels.” Select the Reels option and add a title, description, and tag.

Adding a CTA to your Reel can help you get noticed by the algorithm, prioritizing posts that follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines. However, I don’t recommend using this tactic on every Reel, as it may seem repetitive and annoying for your audience.

One of the best ways to attract attention to your Reel is by using trending audio. This can be anything from a popular song to a viral challenge. This is a great way to connect with your audience and increase your chances of your Reel being featured on the Instagram Explore page.

Add a Logo

Instagram Reels are often fun but can also be used to educate, inspire or teach. For example, psychologists, life coaches, and entrepreneurs can use Reels to teach their audience how to overcome challenges or achieve goals.

Adding your logo to your Reel is a great way to build brand awareness and credibility. However, add it subtly to avoid distracting the viewer from the content. For example, you can include your logo in the lower corner of the video or the title of the Reel.

Another great way to enhance your Reel is to add a transition effect. These effects make the video look more professional and engaging. Some examples of transition effects include jumps, claps, fist bumps, swipes, turns, finger clicks, and arm crosses. You can also add a music track to your Reel.

Reels on Instagram are a hot new feature many brands, businesses, and creators use to engage their audiences. As a video-focused platform, Instagram prioritizes Reels in its algorithms and features them front and center when users open the app. 

Add a Tag

When you share your Reel on Instagram, you can add a caption with up to 20 hashtags. This feature allows you to add relevant keywords that help users find your video and can also increase the chance of your content being featured in the hashtag search results.

Adding hashtags is an important element when creating an Instagram Reel because it can help boost engagement. By using the hashtags that are most popular with your audience, you can attract more viewers and generate more organic reach. When choosing your hashtags, be sure to balance both low and high-competition tags to maximize your visibility.

It’s also a good idea to include hashtags related to your business, industry, or event to increase your reach. Instagram Reels are a great opportunity to showcase your expertise and build brand awareness by sharing useful tips or life hacks with your followers. These videos are often rewatched as people seek answers to their questions.

You can also use music or audio effects in your Reel to make it more engaging. This is especially important for dance or fitness content and can be a great way to grab attention and get your audience excited about your content. For example, @blogilates used a popular song, “Got Me Good,” to create a fun Reel that many viewers could relate to.

Add a Link

Reels are the new viral trend on Instagram. They’ve quickly gained popularity beyond the silly dances and baby announcements seen on Tik Tok, with businesses and casual users using the new feature. Instagram’s algorithm, which dictates who sees what on the platform, favors and prioritizes Reels.

The key to success for Reels is providing value for your audience. It’s a fun way to entertain or educate your followers and a great opportunity to promote your products or services. If you’re unsure how to approach this, try experimenting with different tactics on your Reels and track the results.

For example, a Reel with a tutorial or “life hack” will likely attract rewatches as people look to keep up with the latest trends and get advice. This type of video can also help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Another way to drive engagement is by encouraging your followers to comment on your Reel.