Impacts of Travel Gun Concealment Clothing

Choosing suitable garments for concealed carry is essential. It goes beyond ensuring they don’t cling to the body and smoothing out areas of atypical shapes.

It also involves how easy it is to clear cover. Clearing your firearm must be practiced and mastered, whether sitting, walking, or bending over.

Natural Fabrics

Men who must travel often for their jobs — plainclothes police detectives, security guards, and entrepreneurs in dangerous countries — need clothing that hides a handgun without looking clumsy. Fortunately, the industry has developed various clothing designs to meet these needs.

One popular style is the holster clip in the side seam of a jacket or blazer. While it can be a good concealment option, it can become inconvenient for some men if they frequently remove their jacket and put it back on while moving around.

A better option is a tailored shirt or suit jacket built to accommodate concealed carry. For best results, find a tailor willing to work with you on your specific gun needs, including the size and location of your holster clip or pocket. A tailored garment is also much less likely to shift and print (show the outline of your weapon through the outer fabric) as you move around.


There are a lot of clothing items out there that have been designed with concealed carry in mind, everything from tank tops to pants to workout shorts. These tactical shirts are often available in different camo patterns and colors. When choosing the proper clothing for travel concealment, you must consider where you will be carrying and what type of environment or situation you may find yourself in.

Regardless of what type of shirt you choose, it is essential to consider the material and structure. Natural fabrics like cotton allow air to circulate and are less likely to settle into your firearm’s or holster’s hard lines.

Those who plan to wear a coat over their gun should look for a shorter hem to quickly pull it up and over the weapon. A longer parka-style jacket will be challenging to get up and over and may reveal the weapon if you need to reach for it quickly.

Tank Tops

A tank top is a great option to add to your wardrobe for concealing travel guns, especially in cooler weather. Adding an extra layer can reduce the number of layers you have to clear to access your gun, and the thicker fabric will help keep it from shifting and potentially printing.

Another benefit of a tank is its ability to accentuate your waistline with the peplum hemline. This style cinches in and works well for most body types, especially rectangle or apple-shaped. It can also be made from thicker fabric, like cotton poplin, to help reduce printing.

A sleeveless tank with a holster on each shoulder can be a good choice for concealing travel handguns because it allows you to move freely and still have easy accessibility. It’s ambidextrous, meaning it works for both right- and left-handed shooters. It’s also a good idea to let your tailor know you plan on carrying before making any adjustments to the garment so they can consider that.


Using silk, some designers of concealment clothing have used other high-end materials to protect their customers from gun penetration.

When it comes to concealed carry, the most crucial factor is how easily you can clear your cover garment and access your pistol. If it takes too much movement or is challenging, you could take advantage of an opportunity to respond to a threat. So, practice clearing and drawing your weapon to ensure it works for you when you try out a new piece of concealment clothing. This way, you’ll always be ready to take action when the time comes.