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How You Can Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal

If you want to boost the way your home looks, then you need to focus on increasing the curb appeal. Curb appeal can make neighbors envious, and it can help raise street prices too. When it comes to boosting curb appeal, you need to look at your home from an outsider’s perspective. See what key areas need focusing on, and see what is letting your home down.

Focus on the Landscaping

The landscaped areas of your home may be dated, and they may be overgrown. You may find that non-invasive plants have taken over, and they may be making your homes outside areas look like the wild west. Poorly landscaped areas will impact how a home feels, and they will affect its functionality too. An overhaul of landscaped areas may be necessary.

Boost Security and Safety

Homes that are secure and safe are more appealing to others. You can boost security and safety at your home by adding a wireless alarm system, or by introducing a camera-controlled security system. You could even look at improving the current safety features you have within your home. For example, you could replace those rust iron balcony railings with new and modern glass balcony railings that are sleek and safe. Often, you can overlook safety and security, especially if you have lived in your home for a while. You may not think that safety and security can impact curb appeal, but they can.

Add New Coats of Paint

If you have areas on the outside of your home that are painted, then add a fresh coat of paint or stain. For example, sheds and outbuildings can look unloved and worn with old flaking paint coming off them. House walls or garden walls that are painted can look damp and uninviting if the paintwork has discolored. New coats of paint will not cost much, but the impact that they have can be huge. Fresh paintwork can help your home stand out from the crowd.

Introduce Render

If the brickwork or blockwork on the exterior of your property is crumbling or in need of repair, then look at getting walls rendered. Rendered walls can hide all the imperfections that you see. Render can be easily and quickly applied by a professional team, and it can be maintenance-free for many years.

Replace Windows and Doors

Old wooden windows and doors, and even old aluminum doors and windows, can impact the exterior aesthetic of your home. Old windows and doors can look drab, and they can look dirty. Changing older units and introducing new ones can instantly lift the look and feel of your home.

Add New Lighting

Poorly lit houses can look dark and gloomy. New lighting that is added to the outside of your home can impact how your home looks. Lighting on your home or your driveway can help frame your home, and help it look more safe and secure in the process. Low-energy lighting and solar lighting can be low maintenance, and this can increase curb appeal.