How to Safely and Discreetly Explore Your Sexual Fetishes

Did you know that about a third of people have a sexual fetish?

Sexual fetishes are not rare and are not something to be ashamed of. They make up an essential part of our sexual health. But thanks to a sexually repressive society, we hide these desires to avoid embarrassment or shame.

If you’ve never explored your own sexual fetishism out of this fear, then you may have no clue how to start. Fortunately, it’s never too late to give your sexual kinks a try–and there’s no need to let anyone else know.

Keep reading as we discuss how to discreetly and safely enjoy your kinks.

Start Slow and Avoid Pain With Sexual Fetishes

When you’re excited to try something out, you may push things too far. That’s a great way to injure yourself in the heat of the moment. Just look at how many folks end up in the emergency room with an inserted dildo they cannot remove!

Be thorough with your research before you engage in any of your sexual fantasies. Take the time to purchase any equipment you may need. Don’t skimp out on inferior alternatives, such as using saliva instead of actual lube.

Try something simple, like a massage service linked here. Work your way up to something more serious. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, so listen to it.

Never Forget Consent

Consent is vital when you involve anyone else in your sexual fetishes. To give someone a chance to consent means that you inform them about everything you’re planning to do with them, and they agree. It goes without saying that anyone who is not a legal adult cannot consent.

Too often, people explore their sexuality with others by involving them in things they aren’t interested in. The same goes for you, too. Don’t let a partner take advantage of you by introducing something they didn’t ask your permission for.

Keep Things in the Bedroom

There’s one rule when it comes to kinks: don’t get innocent, uninformed people involved. Like with asking for consent, you don’t want some stranger witnessing your sexual fantasies. 

For example, you might want to explore your sexuality with in-public sexual activities. Know that this is not just illegal but puts people in an uncomfortable position. Imagine how it would make you feel if someone else did the same in your vicinity.

Instead, find a private place. Make sure no one is going to waltz in without realizing it. Even if you feel no embarrassment for your sexual fetishes, you should absolutely spare others the same.

Explore Your Sexuality With Sexual Fetishes

Sexual fetishes are a great way to explore the limits of your desire. You can live out your fantasies and enjoy the pleasure that comes as a result. However, remain safe, ask for consent, and practice these things in the secrecy and privacy of the bedroom.

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