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How to Redesign a Large Garden for Use Throughout the Year

Keeping up with the latest trends in garden designs is, undeniably, somewhat easier when you are working with a smaller space. As such, if you are lucky enough to own a large and extensive garden, you need to be much savvier in how you use the space.

So, with this in mind, continue reading to discover how to redesign a large garden for use throughout the year.

Prairie-Style Planting

Firstly, when it comes to choosing the varieties of flowering plants and shrubs to include in your new garden design, you may want to consider prairie-style planting.

Essentially, this involves conjuring ideas of flowers swaying in the breeze in an open field and long grasses brimming with wildlife and can dominate as vast or as small a space within the layout of your garden as you desire.

Include a Wildlife Pond in Your New Layout

For keen gardeners who also enjoy creating and cultivating a natural environment for wildlife to flourish, if you have a garden that is slightly on the larger side, there could be no better suggestion than including a pond in your new layout.

Not only does a beautiful, manmade pond add a sense of the dramatic to the space, but it will also create a natural focal point and, of course, help protect wildlife in your local area. Remember, should you decide to install a pond, it is essential to invest in high-quality cleaning equipment and grouting tools for both safety and aesthetic value.

Source Local Sculptures

Another way to inject some always needed drama into your back garden, or the front one too, is to invest in a unique and, ideally, locally made sculpture or water feature.

Working to scale, if your garden is large, take the plunge and emulate this feeling of natural grandeur with a large water fountain or sculpture and depending on your penchant for symmetry, you could install it in the center of the space or to the side at the end of a pathway.

When it comes to such installations, your only limit is your imagination, so instead of heading down to your nearest hardware store, take the time to whittle out new, upcoming, and established artists in and around your local community instead.

Build an Oasis of Calm

A secret hideaway in a garden is what fairy tales and traditional stories are made of. As such, what better way to embrace the peace, calm, tranquillity, and privacy of your backyard than to create a sanctuary at the heart of it?

A simple shepherd’s hut behind a cover of trees or a hedge will be your new favorite place to relax with a glass of wine and an enthralling read.

An Outdoor Kitchen

The final suggestion within this article to help you redesign your garden to create a more multi-functional and simultaneously eye-catching space is to include a bespoke outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen would be the ideal addition, particularly if you enjoy hosting outdoor parties and summer barbecues at home or cooking alone or with your partner in the great outdoors.