How to Prepare for College Admissions

Regardless of whether you’re going to college or university for the first time or are going back after a period of working, you should spend a few months at least preparing before you submit your application. The reason for this period isn’t just to make sure that your application is great but also that you find the right program for you. With these tips, not only will you find the right program for your goals, but you’ll also know how to improve your application and boost your chances for acceptance.

Start by Exploring Your Dream Job

It can be so hard to choose the right program for you, which is why a great way to get started is actually to work from the top down. While your dream job may change, the overall focus usually stays the same. By finding professionals who are in your current dream role and then going back through their resumes (easily found nowadays on many job sites), you can understand what they did to get where they are. While it may seem that the best option is just to take the same program that they did, don’t. Look at their entire career and pick out what skills and knowledge they had before getting your dream job.

Having all of this information can help you choose the right program for you. Many new hybrid programs can help you develop the skills you need from the start. For example, if you want to become a gallerist or a curator, you won’t want just to take an art degree. You’ll want to take a mix of classes that covers art history, business, and marketing.

Create a Full List of Options

Find the programs that match the skills you want to learn and create a list. This list should have all contributing factors, with the most important being admission requirements and costs. Other factors to include are any department services, societies, competitions, and other career-boosting benefits. Understanding the full picture can help you create a short list of programs to apply for.

Planning Your Application

Start the application process by using this college GPA calculator at Looking at admission requirements is vital as popular programs, for example, might require their students to have a higher GPA than what you are expecting. They could have changed since you checked last year or the year before. Checking this with a reliable source will enable you to have a goal to work towards.

Beyond this, also think about other important aspects of your application. If there are more applicants than spaces, for example, then the admissions board is going to go with the students who have the most impressive resumes. It’s important to note that you can get onto a program with a less-than-stellar GPA if you have other credentials to back you up. If you win a competition in the field you want to get into and have great grades in those specific classes (but then aren’t great in others), you may still get onto the program you want.

Tailor Your Application Essay

Having all the information ahead of time will let you craft the perfect application essay. In most cases, colleges simply want to know why you want to take the course in question. Having a clear answer of why you want it, how you are going to use it, and what you’re ultimate goals are is a great way to frame your application essay.