How to Live a Chaste Life: The Basics Explained

There are a lot of reasons to practice chastity. For some people, it comes down to their morals, principles, and religious convictions. 

However, there are other reasons you might not want to have sex. For example, if you’ve had negative experiences in the past with sexual relationships. Conversely, you might have a disease that can be sexually transmitted.

Regardless of why you want to live a chaste life, we can help. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to successfully practice chastity.

Keep Your Thoughts Pure

Let’s start at the source of all action – your thoughts. If you want to live a chaste life, you must practice mental discipline. Going down a rabbit hole of sexual thought in your head can lead to desires and urges. This can make it much more difficult while trying to remain celibate. 

For this reason, it’s best to avoid TV shows, movies, music, books, and other forms of media or entertainment that can lead you down that path. Additionally, learn how to increase your mental discipline through meditation, prayer, and resiliency. 

Be Open and Honest About Your Principles Before You Start Dating Someone

Just because you’re practicing chastity, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to date other people or meet your future spouse. You could be living a chaste life now to save yourself for marriage. 

In this case, it’s important to talk to the person you’re interested in dating about your convictions before you enter into a relationship with them. This will let them know where you stand on having sex for their sake and yours. 

Take Measures to Avoid Falling Into Temptation

Learning how to be chaste often means taking extra steps to avoid falling away from your principles. For example, if you’re currently dating someone, avoid situations that can lead to sex. For example, date in public places and stay sober. 

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Avoid Sending the Wrong Message

Finally, one of the most important chastity tips is ensuring you’re not sending the wrong message. For example, if you’re dating, be sure to dress modestly on your dates. Avoid encouraging lustful thoughts or desires in your partner by dressing sexually.

Additionally, don’t give your partner the impression that you’re interested in having sex through actions, words, or sultry looks. If you’re going to be physically intimate, make sure both people know exactly where the line is. 

Getting too close to the line or crossing it can make it incredibly difficult to maintain a chaste life. If you have a partner who can’t respect your feelings, they may not be the right person for you.

Are You Trying to Live a Chaste Life?

If living a chaste life is important to you, follow the tips listed in this article to embolden your stance and follow through with your conviction. No matter why you’re deciding to practice chastity, do what you can to hold true to your values. 

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