How to Get More Clients as an Independent Financial Advisor

Retiring can cost up to $1.5 million in areas of the U.S. and buying a house is getting harder and harder for many people. These are tough financial goals that some people may never achieve. With the help of an independent financial advisor though, they can reach these goals with ease.

However, finding clients is not easy for advisors. They need to compete against large financial institutions fighting for the same business. They also need to earn the trust of clients to help them manage their money.

Keep reading below to learn more about how financial advisors can grow their clientele!

Design Your Services For Your Region

Before you set up your office and build your website, you must learn about the community you’ll work in. Every financial advisor business should put their community first. Through their community, they can find clients and help the area’s overall wealth grow.

However, different regions have different levels of starting capital for an account. In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, you may be able to find people will millions of dollars to invest. But smaller areas like Knoxville are less likely to have such wealthy clients.

Most people in these areas are trying to build wealth for the first time in their lives — or for the first time in generations. They may not have many resources to start with. It also means they are placing a lot of trust in you to help them secure their futures.

Wealth Management Marketing Takes Work

After learning about the kinds of clients you may find in a community, you should develop a wealth management marketing plan. This is the main way people will learn about your services. So, it needs to make an incredible first impression.

Start off by thinking about what people want to relate to you. Most of the time, financial advisors want clients to imagine wealth and riches when they speak about them. Many make it a core part of their brand.

However, you can also write blogs about financial responsibility to chances to give to charity. Your social media posts can highlight businesses trying to benefit the community. With a community-focused brand, people will trust you more with their money, and every successful venture is built on trust!

Performance Speaks Louder Than Anything

There is a simple way to get clients as an independent financial advisor — get returns. People depend on you to help them grow something that is cherished by them. You are the person responsible for making sure their futures are bright.

Do a good job, and they are bound to brag about their amazing financial advisor. They will tell their friends and make recommendations. Those people could then stop by your office for financial help, hoping to get the same incredible service their friends did.

Word-of-mouth marketing works especially well in smaller communities. In these areas, your reputation is set by your performance — not marketing. So as long as you do your job well, you will definitely grow your clientele.

As An Independent Financial Advisor, Finding Clients is Hard

Being an independent financial advisor is not easy. It’s a job that involves a lot of stress and long hours spent poring over market projections and account balances. However, it’s worth it to know that your clients appreciate your work.

You’re the reason they can retire or the reason they can return to school. Because of your work, they may even be able to afford a house. And to learn how to grow you’re business and help even more people, just keep reading the blogs on our website!