How to File a Nissan Lemon Law Claim

So you’ve got your dream Nissan car and you can’t wait to take it for a spin!

But what happens if you keep experiencing Nissan problems? You know the type: your Nissan keeps breaking down or constantly needs repairs.

If you’re constantly repairing your car, you know that the problem is with the car not with your driving! This is where lemon law comes in. This law is intended to protect consumers who have purchased goods under a warranty.

Here’s what you need to know about Nissan lemon law:

What’s a Lemon?

You’ve likely heard the expression “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” But that’s not the approach to take if you’re having to take your Nissan to the mechanic every other week!

Your Nissan is referred to as a ‘lemon.’ This means that it’s a defective vehicle that will have to be recalled. In fact, you should research the recalls on your car to see how common they are.

What Makes a Lemon?

You want to know what makes a lemon. You should know that not every issue that your Nissan faces will be eligible for compensation under the lemon law.

Here are the issues that can constitute a lemon:

  • Air conditioning without cold air
  • Issues or failure with transmission
  • Coolant leaking
  • Major engine issues
  • Engine leaking
  • Excessive car vibration

These are some of the basic issues that might constitute a lemon. In certain cases, you might be able to state a lemon for other issues facing your Nissan.

As such, you’ll want to keep track of any issue that your Nissan faces. Whether these are major or minor issues, you might have a case to fight a lemon.

The next step is to find a lemon law attorney who can help you get compensation for your Nissan.

Lemon Law Attorney

When you hire a lemon law attorney such as Kimmel and Silverman, they’ll help fight a case to prove that lemon law is on your side.

This means that they’ll work to prove that your Nissan is defective. They’ll fight for you to receive compensation or a replacement model.

It’s imperative that you give them details of every issue that your Nissan experiences. You want to keep detailed records of the repairs that your mechanic had to handle.

This information will help your lemon law attorneys fight your case. You’ll have to remember that Nissan will want to avoid paying compensation, offering refunds, or replacing your car.

This is why the lemon law got created. It got made to protect consumers who weren’t given what they paid for.

Now You Know About Nissan Lemon Law

Now that you know about Nissan lemon law, you can decide if your Nissan is a lemon!

Make sure you keep track of every issue that your Nissan is facing, whether they’re major or minor. Whenever you take your Nissan to a mechanic, make sure you request a detailed report of the repair job.

Your lemon law attorney will gather this information and help you fight the case!

You can also find more tips on maintaining your car on our website!