How to Choose the Best Online Casino For Your Needs

Are you looking for a way to make a little side cash while at home?

One good solution is to play in an online casino. You don’t have to venture out or dress up. You don’t need to mingle with other physical players or feel shy about losing a game. 

It’s all in the comfort of your home.

That said, not every online casino is the same. Some are better than others, and it can be a problematic guessing game for newcomers to determine which one is the right place to start. 

Fortunately, we’ve got some tips below to help you find the right casino website or game apps that pay real money. Continue reading our guide below to discover more:

Check the Legal Status

Local laws are among the first things you need to determine about online gambling. In the United States, for example, running an online casino is illegal, but it’s perfectly legal for people in the US to register and play. This is why a lot of online casinos that operate in the US are off-shore ones. 

If you are in Canada, then you are in luck.

There may also be specific laws depending on the state you live in. The last thing you want is to not get the money you won due to some legal hurdles. 

Always check the age restrictions too.

Whether online or online, the minimum age for gambling isn’t the same everywhere. The required age can even change for some games. Some casinos might allow 18-year-olds to play certain table games but not slot machines, for example.

Is the Gambling Website Legitimate

The next step is ensuring the gambling website you entered has all the requirements and licenses. Playing in a casino website that doesn’t have the proper permits is illegal. There’s also no guarantee you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings.

You also risk getting in trouble for gambling on an illegal website. Not only will you not get your winnings, but you could get arrested or pay a fee. 

Every online casino will showcase its certificates. If you’re not sure, you can always contact customer support to find out. There are also online directories that list legitimate online casinos. 

Look at the games as well. You might be on a shady gambling site if you can’t find popular slot machine games or other casino games from known developers.

Variety of Games

Speaking of games, the best online casino sites have a wide variety of choices. Do they offer slot machines or tragamonedas? There should be dozens, if not hundreds, of slot machine games and from different game developers. 

You should also look for both American and European roulette. The main difference is that American roulette has extra slots, making winning more difficult. 

Poker has a lot of versions, and an online casino can have multiple games for each type. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular type of poker these days, so look for a poker game with the aesthetics and stakes you like. 

Not sure which blackjack games to try or even how it works? You can check this guide here for a basic rundown:

New Player Bonus

Betting online is always risky, so online casinos try to entice new players by giving a signup bonus. This can come in free chips or tokens, enabling a newcomer to try the games on the website without paying cash. Check out to see a list of available sign-up bonuses. You can see that choosing the right online casino can be very lucrative.

However, many games might not allow you to withdraw your winnings. The new player bonus lets you play but not take home the cash. It’s simply there to help you adjust to the site and its games.

Step away if the site doesn’t have a new player bonus and requires you to pay up cash right out of the gates. It’s too big of a risk, and there’s no guarantee yet that you’ll even like the games available in that casino.

House Edge

You need to check two numbers before you play any online casino game: house edge and the volatility rate. 

A house edge is the advantage rate the casino has over the player. It’s not big, often only a few points like 1% or so depending on the game. However, it guarantees that the casino has a higher chance of beating the player.

This is how casinos earn their profits. The good news is there are regulations preventing casinos from increasing the house edge beyond a certain percentage.

Every game in an online casino has a different house edge percentage. Take your time to check the games and look for one with a lower house edge.

Keep in mind that these percentages change often. This is why you shouldn’t stick with the same slot machine or roulette table for too long. 


The volatility rate is the second important rate to check before you jump into an online casino game. This refers to the mood swing of the game. A high volatility rate means you could win big in only a few games, but there’s also the risk of losing big in one round too. 

If it’s your first time playing in an online casino, you should consider a game with a low volatility rate. This means you won’t lose a lot of money in one round. Sure, you won’t win much either, but you could still rack up money with consecutive wins.

Are there high volatility games worth the risk?

Yes, there are a few, such as high-stakes poker and slot machines. If the volatility rate is high, but the house edge is low, the game is in your favor. You’ll have to risk a big bet, but you now have the advantage.

Know the Withdrawal Limits

Don’t forget to check the withdrawal limits! Every online casino features a limit to how much you can cash out. This means you might only be able to take home $2,000 or $5,000 per week even though you’ve spent hours or days winning much more.

Having withdrawal limits isn’t only to help the casino survive. These limits also prevent players from gambling too much. What’s the point in playing for hours on end if you can’t withdraw all the money anyway?

A lot of people stop as soon as they hit the weekly or monthly limit. This is a good means of preventing gambling addiction. 

However, there is one type of jackpot that doesn’t adhere to this withdrawal restriction: progressive jackpots. If you win these, you get to withdraw them immediately. Not all websites do this, but it’s a good incentive to keep some players on the table.

Check the Progressive Jackpots

If you want to make money from online gambling, aim for the progressive jackpot. These require more effort and strategy to win — sometimes pure luck — but the incentive is often quite large.

Take a game of Texas Hold ‘Em poker as a good example. In each round, the players make their bets, and only one player wins. However, a small amount is set aside for the progressive jackpot. 

The only way to win that separate jackpot is to meet certain conditions. For this example, the players might have to win a round with a royal flush. To make it even more difficult, the game might require a royal flush of a certain suite.

What are the Accepted Transaction Methods

Another benefit of playing on online casinos is the fact they often accept multiple transaction methods. Traditional, physical casinos only accept cash and certain credit cards. In an online casino, you might be able to transact using PayPal, TransferWise, or even cryptocurrencies. However, I would look carefully to find online casinos that accept Neteller.

Don’t hesitate to check first which transaction methods they allow. You don’t want to pay for chips and tokens for their poker and slot machines only to find out there’s no method of withdrawing your winnings.

Security Features

Take your time to check if the website comes with standard security measures. There should be an SSL certificate and a secure system for managing financial data such as your credit card information. The site also needs a secure network to prevent hackers from stealing information that is undergoing a transfer.

If you don’t see things like a certificate verifying the security measures, don’t play in that casino! The website might already be under the scrutiny or attack of a hacking group. You don’t want to invest a lot of money only for it to disappear due to an intentional glitch caused by cyber-attacks.

Pick the Best Online Casino Today

Now you know what it takes to select the best online casino. Look at their house edge and volatility rates, check the variety of games, and always ensure that it’s a legitimate website. 

Of course, why stop with this guide on online casinos when we have so much more to offer?

If you enjoyed our list and are looking for more tips like this, we invite you to continue reading our other guides today. We cover everything from adult topics to financial, gambling, vaping, and more.