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How To Add Character To Your Bedroom Through Accessories In 7 Easy Steps

Although bedrooms are such a unique part of our homes, it is often the room that people invest the least amount of time and money in. Choosing not to redesign and redecorate as much may be due to the fact that the bedroom is usually not seen by guests. However, it is still an important area of your home, which can offer a relaxing space to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Moreover, creating a comfortable bedroom can have a great impact on your wellbeing and quality of sleep. Today we will take you through a few easy steps that will help you add character to your bedroom and incorporate your personal touch.

Use Wallpaper

There are many creative techniques to use wallpaper in your bedroom and achieve a simple yet striking transformation. Selecting the right design will depend on the type of mood you want to create. For example, if you want to make an arty feature wall, you can choose a block section of your bedroom wall and build an artwork-like panel using only one roll of paper. Alternatively, opting for a neutral colour will provide you with freedom and versatility, as you will always be able to switch around the rest of the colours in the bedroom.

Upgrade Your Chest Of Drawers

If you have a tired chest of drawers in your bedroom, now might be the right time to upgrade it using a variety of great accessories. For example, take a look at this collection of drawer handles by Corston, which will allow you to breathe new life into your bedroom design. You can also explore a wide range of cabinet handles and wardrobe handles, which can suit any style of furniture. Corston will help you refine every detail so that you can achieve a timeless design that you will enjoy for years to come. Their team will be there to support you as you bring a high-quality feel to every point of your bedroom.

Experiment With Textures

Consider adding an infusion of textures to make your bedroom design rich and exciting. For instance, you can add a textured blanket or duvet to your bedding, particularly if they feature natural materials. It may also be beneficial to incorporate greenery by choosing beautiful plants which maximise the decorative impact. Other useful suggestions include placing oversized baskets and boxes and mixing fabrics like leather, silk, velvet, cotton, and linen. This will create an interesting and sophisticated space, ideal for a good night’s rest.

Add Your Personal Style

Expressing your personal style will help you both enhance your room design and add visual interest. Firstly, it is recommended to create a consistent theme throughout your bedroom which reflects your personality and interests. If you don’t want to refurbish your entire room, it is best to focus on adding elements of your hobbies, such as some of your favourite pictures, photographs, and mirrors. When it comes to choosing colour schemes, you may want to opt for neutral colours for a timeless look or select brighter colours to make a statement. To personalise your furnishings, you can simply add colourful bedsheets or throws.

Maximise Lighting

To re-energise your bedroom, you can introduce multiple layers of lighting, including ambient, decorative, and task lighting. One of the most important aspects of designing a suitable lighting scheme for your bedroom is flexibility. You will want to layer different lighting solutions, such as table lamps and a variety of bedroom ceiling lights. In addition, if your space allows for it, you can set up a statement floor lamp. However, remember that anything that is too tall can potentially disrupt or dominate the space.

Give Your Curtains A Makeover

Hanging curtains can help you tie your bedroom together, as they have the power to add a sense of sophistication and grace. However, when choosing the right curtains, it’s essential to start with the material. For example, you can go for cotton, which is a breathable and light option you can easily care for. If you want to incorporate a luxury vibe, you may want to go for textured fabrics, such as silk. Also, you should think about what type of colours will be best to complement your bedroom. It may be a good idea to choose patterned colours, as they can often have the same effect as a piece of art.

Select The Right Area Rug

Choosing a cosy rug can help you provide an extra level of texture and colour in your bedroom. The best bedroom rugs usually focus on comfort, so you should keep this in mind when shopping for rugs. It’s important to look at different materials, such as wool, which is hard-wearing and durable. Also, if you have solid-coloured bedding, it’s best to go with a patterned rug. Always look at the size of your bedroom, as a small rug can easily feel lost in a large space. At the same time, a large rug can feel overwhelming in a smaller room.