How Animation and Social Media Can Become Part of Your Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is ever-evolving- and it’s happening fast. With the constantly changing algorithms, SEO through the use of keywords has become less important, and businesses need to focus on other ways to get their brand out there. Your business should keep up to date with recent changes in digital marketing. If you don’t, you can be sure your competitors are. 

Even market leaders have to be careful how they approach digital marketing. If they get behind trends, they can easily become obsolete in the public eye. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to regain your standing once you’ve lost users’ interest. It’s much more cost-effective and efficient to ensure your digital marketing strategy is up-to-date and well-implemented. 

By now,you should know that the next big thing in digital marketing is animation. Many big brands have started using animation to capture their customers’ attention and imagination. This article takes a look at how you can incorporate animation and social media into your digital marketing campaigns to stay ahead of the competition. For instance, you can get more info on editing a shadow from your photo.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the activities you undertake to market your business online. It’s an umbrella term used for your website, social media pages, email marketing, and online media coverage like press releases. It also includes any pay-per-click campaigns, SEO efforts, and blogs. 

Digital marketing is essential as people spend plenty of time online. The idea behind digital marketing is to meet people where they are. Consider how much time you spend on Google or social media. Where do you go if you’re looking for specific products or services? If your company doesn’t have a strong digital profile, potential customers likely won’t know about your business. 

Another important aspect to consider is that your content is engaging. It’s not good enough to simply be present; potential customers must like, share and talk about posts. Using animation can help make your posts more engaging. It’s imperative that you start using animation in your strategies early – before your competitors do. 

Why Should You Use Animation and Social Media in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Animation in digital marketing has been around for a while. Here are some places where animation can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Various big players have been switching to animated logos since 2015. An animated logo illustrates what makes your business unique and there are endless options available to make your business stand out. It will help your potential clients recognize your brand. 

Companies like Google, Amazon, and FedEx have started animating their logos creatively to make them more recognizable. FedEx, for instance, famously started using flying arrows to illustrate speed and movement. This helps customers understand that they are efficient and fast with their deliveries. 

Social Media

Scientific research has shown over and over that humans are visually oriented. If you’re working on your digital marketing strategy, you should be well aware of this fact. People will always choose images over text. If your digital marketing contains images, it’s more persuasive, faster to understand, and easier to remember.  

Facebook realized this fact quickly, changing its algorithm in 2016 to prefer videos over text-based content. That means video content not only naturally gets more attention from users, but the algorithms also favor it. Using animation and video will automatically help your potential customers to see your content and, in turn, engage with it. 

Hiring an animation company is much cheaper than making even a short video. Animation is more cost-effective to produce than other forms of video content and can be more fun and creative than videos. It’s easier to get your brand recognized with unique animation than a live-action video, which can often be generic. 

Explaining Your Business

Animation is one of the best methods you can use to explain your business. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it’s also a more creative medium. Live-action videos often have limitations, whereas animation has none. 

Would you prefer a ‘talking head’ explaining what your business is about, using the same plan phrasing as every competitor, or a creative, beautifully animated video showcasing your advantages, which includes a professional voice-over?

Your answer was probably the animated video. Between the two types of video, the animation is more memorable and eye-catching. Animation is also more adept at explaining difficult concepts than other types of videos. Many people often choose to watch animated explanatory videos because it’s amusing, easy to follow, and attractive. 

Most people only watch other types of explanatory videos once they’re already seriously considering buying, or have bought, the product. 

Animation provides the perfect balance between entertaining visuals and simplifying complex concepts. It’s also very effective at getting the message across without using sound. Many people watch online videos without sound, so the animation is more effective than live videos. People are also more tolerant of introduction text in animated videos. 


How Can You Use Animation and Social Media in Your Digital Marketing?

Now that you know why you should be using animation videos, here are a few tips on effectively using them in your digital marketing strategy. 

Use Animated Videos On Landing Pages

Research indicates that adding an animated video on your website’s landing pages increases conversion by up to 80%. The video you choose should evoke certain emotions in your audience, and do it fast. You only have 0.8 seconds to get your potential customer engaged. If they’re not involved, they’ll leave and probably never return. 

An animated video will immediately attract your potential customer’s attention because it’s so different from what we see around us every day. This type of video is perfect for evoking emotions in users. It’s effective because it reminds many of the animations we watched in childhood, making us feel nostalgic. This is a powerful emotion that makes us feel happy, safe, and calm at the same time. 

Short and Simple Videos

People have a short attention span, and they’re easily intimidated by the size of the content. If your animation is too long, your potential customers will simply stop watching and carry on scrolling. Keep the platform you’re using in mind. Facebook videos are generally ten times shorter than YouTube videos. Instagram often allows for longer videos than Facebook. 

Keep Autoplay in Mind

When you’re scrolling through social media, videos start playing automatically. More than 80% of videos are watched in their entirety without sound. This should tell you that your animation should effectively get your message across even when watching it without any sound. Your audience will usually only turn on the sound if they’re really interested, which means the voiceover isn’t essential but should still form a part of the video. 

You should make sure that your video is attention-grabbing enough that viewers want to continue watching after the autoplay intro and that they won’t simply carry on scrolling. You should keep in mind that people have short attention spans, so the more eye-catching your video introduction is, the better. 

Adapt Animations to the Various Channels

Before starting your animated video, you should consider the various platforms to post it. People use each social media platform for different purposes. Facebook has a personal appeal to users. YouTube is an excellent platform for educational videos, and Twitter is all about instant content. 

Don’t limit yourself to only using animated videos. The only limit to what you can do is your own imagination. Use infographics, interactive videos, or various other creative methods to engage your audience on the specific platform you’re targeting. 

Where Can You Use Animation?

Animation is an excellent tool to grab your potential customer’s attention and get them engaged. Where can you use this tool?


Your website is often the main face of the business. This is usually the first place new customers go to find out more about the company. In reality, most people spend less than a minute on a business website before leaving. If you incorporate animation on your website, it will be attractive and informative. This is perfect for potential customers who would like to find out more about your business, as the animations are an excellent way to explain the advantages and offerings of your business. If you can hold the user’s attention, they’ll spend more time on your website, which could lead to sales. It will also help create a memorable and pleasant association with your business. 

Many businesses use paid advertising on platforms like Google and Bing. You can also use this method on other platforms like YouTube and most social media. Many of these paid advertising avenues have the option to add video content to the advertisement. This is the perfect opportunity to add an animated video to grab potential customers’ attention. Remember, animated videos lead to higher conversion rates, which is why you’re using paid advertising in the first place. 

If you choose to use YouTube videos for your paid advertising, you’ll use pre-roll ads. These are the ads that play before the video your audience is watching. You have a semi-captive audience with these ads since you can opt for ads that can only be skipped after five seconds. Turning a plain, usual ad into an animation video will capture your audience’s attention much more easily. 


If you don’t want to use paid advertising, you’re probably investing in SEO, where you want organic traffic sent to your website. The algorithms for SEO keep changing, but one thing is constant: video is rated higher than text or images. If you use animated videos on your website, you’ll organically rank higher in search results. You’ll gain massive points in the SEO world if you use video. 

Instead of just using animated videos on your landing page, consider incorporating them in other areas of your website, like with blog posts. This will increase your organic ratings even more. 

Social Media

Many potential customers interested in your product or service will likely follow your pages or profile on social media platforms. Integrating your video animation with your social media will help create a seamless brand and help your followers understand your business better. The animation will capture your users’ attention much more than other posts, and on most platforms, the videos will play automatically. 

You should also incorporate social media on your website. Urge potential customers to follow you on the various platforms with active accounts by placing links on your website. This should encourage users to engage with your business posts more than they could on your website. If they engage, the business becomes personal and no longer just a corporation. They can start seeing your business as a person with a personality.

Email Marketing

You can use email marketing to encourage your contacts to click through to an animated video on your website. You can also use emails to divert users to your social media pages, where they will find interesting and captivating animated videos. 

Placing videos directly in the email may revert them to people’s spam folders. Using email marketing with animated videos is best done by using click-through links to your website or social media. 

Final Thoughts

Animated videos are an excellent method for grabbing your potential customer’s attention. It’s creative, easy to follow, and explains difficult concepts well. Many big brands have made the move to animation, especially an animated logo. Animation is the new big thing in digital marketing, and it will automatically improve your SEO, because most algorithms rate video content higher than text or images. The same is true for social media, where videos are also shown to users more often than text or image posts. 

The average person spends less than a minute on a website and less than a second watching a video. Your animated video has a bigger chance of grabbing the user’s attention and keeping it. 

You can use animated videos on social media, on your website, and to improve your SEO. You can incorporate animated videos into your email marketing campaigns, although it should be done with links. You can also use these videos in your paid marketing campaigns. 

Animated videos are more cost effective and interesting than live action videos. There are many benefits to using animation and social media in your digital marketing campaigns.