Future Forward: 5 Great Sustainable Living Ideas

People are becoming more conscious of the environment than ever before and for good reason. As we see growing natural disasters and several diseases related to pollution on the rise, climate change is proving to be the greatest threat to human health and to the planet at large.

Many are recognizing these issues and are looking for ways to combat the climate change threat. One of the steps people are taking is learning how to live more sustainably.

Do you want to take part in protecting and preserving the environment? Here are the top five sustainable living ideas to preserve the planet for you and for generations to come.

1. Cut Back on Meat and Dairy

Did you know that the meat and dairy industries contribute 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere? Climate scientists are saying that there’s no hope of lowering global warming if people aren’t willing to make some diet adjustments.

This doesn’t mean you have to go vegan. Organic farmers and local farmers tend to be much more sustainable in their livestock production efforts.

2. Stop Buying Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is leaving a huge carbon footprint in our environment. 60% of new clothes are made with plastic, which means they will not break down in a landfill. They are also manufactured with toxic dyes, and their production emits 1.2 billion tons of CO2 each year.

Start opting for organic and sustainable clothing. The material will last longer, and it will reduce the use of natural resources.

3. Reduce Your Consumption

Part of living more sustainably means reducing your consumption. To do this, you need to be disciplined in making each purchase an eco-friendly one.

You’ll do the environment a favor by buying organic and durable items that will last longer. Also, don’t buy a replacement item every time something breaks or tears, but do what you can to fix it.

And evaluate yourself to make sure you actually need the item your purchase. If you don’t, you may end up buying another landfill contribution.

4. Limit Your Waste

Living sustainably means conserving what you can sustain. Our environment is taking a hit through the excessive use of our resources that end up being thrown out. The more you hold on to something, the fewer resources will have to be used to recreate it.

You can do this by buying organic, purchasing items made with non-plastic recyclable packaging, and mending items that you can still use.

5. Start Investing Into Sustainable Living

If you want to put your money towards a good cause, look into sustainable investing. Those who invest sustainably seek out companies that demonstrate a commitment to preserving the environment. Investing your money with these companies demonstrates genuine care for their efforts.

And as if that news isn’t good enough, you have a great opportunity for a return on your investment. In 2020, investors in renewable energy made seven times as much money as fossil fuel investors. With these investments, you’re saving the planet, and you’re making money while you’re at it.

Sustainable Living Ideas

These are the top five sustainable living ideas you should start putting into practice immediately. In doing so, you are helping to preserve the planet, and you’re playing a role in saving the lives of people today and the generations to come.

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