Exploring the Benefits of Virtual Voice Teachers

Getting quality voice instruction can be challenging. Especially for adult students, finding the time and space to have lessons in person can be hard.

Thankfully, online voice lessons make fitting music training into your schedule easier. But how exactly do they benefit singers? Read on to find out.


Students benefit from the flexibility of online learning by canceling or rescheduling lessons easily. This can be a huge benefit for those traveling or on vacation who cannot attend a lesson in person.

Likewise, scheduling trial lessons or consultations with a virtual voice teacher is easier to do remotely. This helps students find the best teacher for their goals and artistic interests.

Online voice lessons are also convenient for singers who travel for work or family commitments. Whether on a cruise ship contract, have a regional opera or theatre job, or are just traveling, online lessons allow them to keep up with their training without disrupting their busy schedules and re-work family time.

Saves Money

Taking lessons online saves students money as they no longer need to pay for studio rentals or travel expenses. This makes it easier for singers to commit to lessons and stick with them.

Additionally, taking lessons from home can help save students the stress of finding a babysitter and tidying their homes for in-person voice lessons. This allows students to take more lessons, leading to better results and quicker progress.

Virtual vocal lessons can also be a great way to try out a new teacher before settling on one for a regular lesson schedule. This particularly benefits those with sensitive or young voices who may feel less comfortable in a new teaching environment. However, a reliable Internet connection is essential to ensure the best learning experience possible. Otherwise, lag, choppy audio, and dropouts can prevent lessons from being as effective as possible.

Saves Time

Virtual lessons save the time of traveling to and from a teacher’s studio or even to your own home. You can schedule lessons and practice sessions from anywhere with an internet connection and a compatible video conferencing platform.

A good internet connection is essential for online voice lessons, as lagging or latency can create choppy audio that makes it difficult to hear and communicate. You should also find a private space free of distractions, as you will be vulnerable in your lessons and may not want to risk being overheard by a neighbor or family member.

In-person lessons can disrupt a busy household, as the student must stop the flow of daily activities to drive to or from the lesson and spend time tidying up to welcome their teacher into their home or music studio. The inherent flexibility of online lessons means you can reschedule lessons and make missed ones from the comfort of your home, office, or even on vacation!

More Convenient

Unlike in-person lessons requiring coordinating student, teacher, pianist, and studio space and time, online voice teaching eliminates much of this hassle. Additionally, students save the time they would spend traveling to and from their lesson and cleaning up or limiting activities in their home while their lesson is happening.

Online lessons provided by companies like Forbes Music Company are also more convenient for teachers as they can work with more singers from a wider geographical area and allow them to find the right teacher for their unique needs. Additionally, virtual vocal coaching allows singers to take lessons with a teacher they have always wanted to study with but never could because they live far away.

Some teachers may still prefer to teach face to face, but even these teachers can make a strong case for online lessons if the student has a good quality microphone and a reliable internet connection. Additionally, a large screen is highly recommended, allowing the teacher to see their student’s posture and mouth shape.