Essential Legal Office Supplies Every Lawyer Needs

Lawyers spend roughly 7 years in school, fine tuning their craft. But a keen understanding of the law isn’t the only necessity when becoming a successful lawyer. You also need good listening skills to understand everything your clients want. 

There’s also more to being a good lawyer than court cases and outmaneuvering your opponents. There is a lot of paperwork and writing that lawyers must do. There is also administrative work that they need to do. 

Law firms need legal office supplies to make sure all of this gets done. Here are some of the supplies you’ll need for your office. 

Basic Legal Office Supplies

There are some office supplies for lawyers that are quintessential. These supplies are the ones that you will use every day. 

Pens and pencils are necessary for notetaking. You’ll need plenty of these for each of your associates. Highlighters and permanent markers can also come in handy to note essential things. Highlighters are great for noting important aspects of documents.

Permanent markers are great for labeling files.

Legal pads are an important staple because you’ll need to take lots of notes. They are useful when listening to a client and useful for court as well. You’ll need something to make notes on if you want to redirect or cross-examine a witness.

You’ll need printing paper in bulk, along with envelopes. There are files that you may need to be delivered or reviewed, and envelopes help keep those papers together.

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Get Good Quality Desks

Furniture is an important component of lawyer office supplies. To do the best work possible, you need to make sure you and your associates are comfortable. Desks are one of the most important pieces of office furniture.

The desk should be large enough that it can support a computer and any accompanying monitors an attorney might need. It’s also important to make sure the desk doesn’t make the person using it feel cramped. 

Attorneys also need to consult books and make notes, so the size of the desk needs to accommodate these resources too. Some people like to stand while they work, so standing desks may be a good investment. 

Desk Supplies

There are also other legal supplies that lawyers need for their desks. Having office tools at their desks will help with efficiency and convenience. You should stock desks with:

  • Staplers and staple removers
  • Hole punches
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Rubber date stamps and ink pads
  • Sticky notes, labels, and flags

When purchasing labels and flags, buy different colors. Different colored labels can help denote specific categories. Different colored flags can identify where signatures and initials should go.

Stock Your Office with Everything Attorneys Need

Good lawyers are committed to their clients, but they also need to be well-organized. Legal office supplies can help ensure that everything has a place and a label. They also help attorneys get the best results possible for their clients.

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