Equipment Failure at an Oil Rig – What Should You Do?

Oil rigs are one of the most important setups needed to keep several industries running. Heating, plastics manufacturing, and various automotive needs are just some of the uses that oil has in the modern world. As such, when an oil rig experiences an equipment failure it can be a production-halting problem that will ultimately have ripple effects with the clients that they sell the oil and byproducts to.

An oil rig has a few options when it comes to handling equipment failure at an oil rig, such as utilizing the service of an oilfield service provider like Renegade Wireline Services ( Read on to see what all your options are if equipment fails.

Immediately Pause Operations

Before even trying to troubleshoot the problem, it’s important that an oil rig immediately stop production. Using faulty or failing equipment can be extremely dangerous. Using such equipment can lead to injuries or even death. Faulty equipment can also cause other equipment to fail, either by putting extra work on undamaged equipment or even by causing an explosion.

As such, before any problem-solving can commence, oil rigs should stop work immediately and identify any and all failing equipment.

Assess the Damage and Any Injuries

Once you’ve stopped operations, it’s important to get a bearing on the situation. This means looking over the damage to your equipment and seeing if it’s affected any other equipment.

It’s also important to ensure that none of your workers have been injured during the equipment failure. Any employees who have gotten hurt while using damaged equipment should immediately see what options are available to them, whether that means seeking medical leave or even seeking legal recourse.

Who To Call

The final step is scheduling an appointment with an oilfield service provider. Handling equipment repairs internally can lead to a number of problems in the future, such as the equipment not being repaired correctly, or the equipment only being given a temporary fix that’s sure to fail again in the future.

By using the services of an oilfield service provider, you can ensure that equipment is repaired quickly and efficiently, and is sure to last for many years to come. You can also ensure that the service provider will find out if equipment can’t be salvaged and needs to be replaced altogether. This type of in-depth investigation and repair service will keep your employees safe as well as keep your oil rig operating smoothly again as soon as possible.