4 Documents to Collect for Attorneys After a Car Accident

What are the 3 types of distracted driving?

They are visual, manual, and cognitive. Anytime a driver takes their hands, eyes, or mind off the road, they put everyone in danger. Sadly, distracted drivers cause crashes that result in about 400,000 injuries every year.

If you’re trying to recover after a car accident then this article’s for you. In this short, but complete guide, we’ll review some of the most important documents to collect for car accident lawyers. By giving your lawyers all of the evidence they need to win your case, you’ll be that much closer to getting the compensation you need.

Read on to learn about 4 documents to give to car accident attorneys.

1. A Detailed Account of the Crash

One of the first documents to collect for your car accident attorney is a written account of the crash. However, before you start writing down what happened, we suggest you take a moment to do a quick voice recording on your phone.

Close your eyes, and talk out loud about all of the details surrounding the crash. For instance, was the other driver changing lanes erratically? Was it raining outside? Was there any type of debris in the road?

There’s something about talking out loud that makes it easier for your mind to remember more details. The more specific you can be about the crash, the better. When you’re done making your recording, you can start transcribing it into a typed out document.

2. Statements From Witnesses

Next, car accident lawyers love to get statements from witnesses. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid contacting witnesses at any time during your case. Instead of interviewing the witnesses yourself, you can give their information to experienced car accident attorneys so they can be properly interviewed. 

3. All of Your Medical Records

Moving on, you’ll need to show medical records for your car accident injuries. Your lawyer will want to see records immediately following the crash, as well as any follow-up appointments you’ve attended.

It’s also helpful to provide your lawyer with your past medical records that aren’t related to the crash. The more your lawyer knows about your health history, the easier it’ll be for them to construct a compelling case.

4. Police Report Documents to Collect

Next, whenever you’re in a car accident, no matter how minor it may be, you should always call the police. The majority of insurance companies will only honor a claim if there’s a valid police report for your crash. Additionally, your attorney will be able to use details from the report to help establish the other driver’s negligence.

Finally, it’s helpful to get the name and badge number of the responding officer at the accident scene. Sometimes police reports will list the wrong officer’s name on the report, which can cause problems later on.

Get Compensation for Your Damages

Now you know about 4 documents to collect for your attorney, however, that’s not all they’re going to need. Go ahead and call your lawyer today to find out exactly what type of documents will help your case. The sooner you give your attorney the tools they need, the faster you’ll be able to get your settlement award.

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