Discover Perfumes that Smell Like Clean Laundry

When it comes to fragrances, there is nothing quite as comforting and nostalgic as the smell of freshly laundered clothing. Let’s admit it, everyone loves to smell clean and soapy. That’s why so many people love perfumes that evoke that particular scent. But do you know that you don’t necessarily need to put tons of laundry powder or gel in your washing machine to smell like that all the time? Some very smart perfume companies know the needs of people in terms of scents. That’s why they created perfumes that smell exactly like fresh bed sheets that just came out of the washing machine. 

Clean Reserve Laundry

This fragrance has a unique combination of crisp, clean laundry scent combined with a hint of citrus and white musk. It has a slightly sweet, powdery undertone that makes it perfect for a cozy evening in.

Demeter Laundromat

Demeter Laundromat perfume is created from a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients, including lavender, orange, jasmine, and cedarwood. It also contains a special blend of musks that help to create a comforting, clean scent. In addition, the perfume also contains a hint of soap, which helps to add to the freshness of the scent.

This scent is an ode to the classic laundromat, with notes of detergent, fabric softener, and drying machines. It’s a perfect combination of clean and comforting, with a hint of nostalgia. 

Jo Malone Laundry

This unisex fragrance has notes of citrus, musk, and laundry detergent, along with a subtle hint of lavender. It’s fresh and sophisticated, and perfect for everyday wear.

Guerlain L’Eau de Lingerie

This soft and subtle fragrance has a powdery, clean laundry scent with a hint of rose. It’s light and delicate, and perfect for a romantic evening out. 

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

This classic scent has a combination of sea salt and freshly laundered linen. It’s a great choice for a day at the beach, or a night on the town.

Dior Miss Dior

This fragrance has a light and airy scent of freshly laundered cotton, with a hint of rose. It’s romantic and feminine, and perfect for date night.If you don’t feel like going out tonight, stay at home for another style of entertainment with Woo Casino.

Calvin Klein Eternity

This iconic scent has a crisp and clean laundry scent, combined with notes of white musk and sandalwood. It’s timeless and sophisticated, and perfect for any occasion.

Bvlgari Omnia

This fragrance has a blend of laundry detergent and white musk, with a hint of grapefruit. It’s fresh and invigorating, and perfect for a day at the office.

Burberry London

This scent has a combination of freshly laundered linen and white musk, with a hint of citruses. It’s a great choice for a casual day out, and perfect for any season.

Davidoff Cool Water

This iconic scent has a blend of laundry detergent, white musk, and sea salt. It’s a great choice for a day at the beach, or a night out on the town. 

These perfumes will guarantee you a whole day clean smell that will delight both yours and your entourage’s noses.