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Dealing with Damp? Top Tips to Fix It Quick

No one wants to, and no one should have to live with damp. Living with damp is uncomfortable, and it can actually become incredibly dangerous. It’s far more than just a chill in the air. It means that somewhere there’s a leak in your very foundations. This could just be a leak in your window’s sealant or around the edges of your front door, or it could be a full-blown water leak in your roof or down your walls.

If left unchecked, that damp will result in rot and mold. These are the last things that any homeowner wants to deal with since fixing the issue typically comes with a great cost. That’s why it’s important to take action now and to get started by familiarizing yourself with these top tips.

Find the Source of Your Damp

If you already deal with issues like mold, for example, then finding the source of your damp is relatively easy – it’s wherever the mold has made its home! This will usually be on your exterior wall or your upper floor’s ceiling. As soon as you see mold starting, don’t settle for surface-level cleans. Mold grows where it is wet and humid. If your exterior wall or ceiling are growing mold, therefore, there’s actually a good chance that there’s a leak. That leak needs to be fixed, and the entire area needs to be insulated to prevent the issue further.

Damp can also be caused by improper ventilation. If there’s not a specific area that’s experiencing mold, but overall your home has a chill to it and feels constantly damp, proper ventilation may be the answer. To get concrete answers, however, you’ll need to bring in an expert.

Repairing the Leak

Mold, water stains, and other clear signs of dampness and a leak, however, make repairs relatively straightforward. Aim to get someone in to repair the issue ASAP to keep the repair job small. If left unattended, those structural issues could result in a big repair. If you’ve just moved in and the damage is done, however, know things can still be fixed. If the issue is in your roof, for example, you’ll want to look up roof replacement near me as soon as you can. Replacing a roof is essential every few decades, so if it’s been a while anyway, it’s important to give your roof a refresh. Getting professionals in to fix the leak is important regardless of whether it’s a plumbing issue, a ventilation issue, or an external leak.  

Adding Insulation

Gaps in the insulation between your exterior wall and your interior wall can also cause dampness. In general, to get rid of both the moisture and the chill, you’ll need to repair the leak and then insulate it so that everything is nice and air-tight. This is a great way to make your home more comfortable to live in while also helping you save on your heating and cooling bills.