Caring For Your Investment: A Guide to Men’s Shoe Maintenance and Care

You can cut corners with your clothing, but your shoes are an investment. They must be cleaned, conditioned, and stored correctly to last longer. A well-maintained pair of shoes speaks volumes about your appreciation for quality and personal presentation. This guide will teach you how to keep your wingtips, chukkas, and boots looking their best.

Store them properly

Whether you own a closet full of different trends in mens shoes or have a few go-to pairs, knowing how to store them properly will make them last longer and save you money in the long run. From the slouchy sneakers by the door to the stacked boots in the closet, proper shoe storage is vital for keeping your footwear in good condition. Before packing your shoes for long-term storage, clean them thoroughly and apply a leather conditioner. Unbleached muslin fabric is an excellent alternative to stuff your shoes or boots with paper if you need more heft. It wicks away residual moisture and protects metal buckles from scratches. Avoid storing shoes in plastic or cardboard boxes, preventing proper air circulation. Instead, invest in shoe storage bags or use an over-the-door organizer to hang your boots. It is an ideal solution for flats and slip-on sandals that are easy to flop over.

Condition them

Men’s shoes can be a significant investment, so taking care of them is essential. Your footwear’s lifespan can be increased by years by following a few easy steps, like cleaning and conditioning it. Leather is a natural material, and it can dry out over time. It can cause your shoes to become brittle and crack, making them less comfortable to wear. It’s a good idea to condition your shoes regularly to prevent this. To condition your shoes, use a mixture of water and baking soda. It will create a paste-like consistency you can rub into your boots to clean them. Be sure to scrub evenly and thoroughly, and remember to clean the soles too! Then, let your shoes air dry before wearing them again. Also, store your boots in a cool, dark place and avoid storing them near radiators or sunlight. These extreme temperatures can damage your shoes and cause them to crack.

Clean them regularly

A quality pair of shoes can last years or even decades if properly cared for. Frequent cleaning stops the accumulation of filth, grime, and other impurities that hasten the deterioration and wear of materials. Dirty shoes not only look worse for wear, but they can also feel terrible to walk in. Removing dirt from crevices and other hard-to-reach areas makes your shoe comfortable. Invest in a good leather cleaner/conditioner, and apply it as needed. It will help keep layers of old polish from gunking up the surface and keep your leather supple and soft. You can also purchase cedar shoe trees – they’re not the cheapest, but they will significantly extend your shoes’ life by balancing out the drying process after each wear. Remove your shoelaces, scrub them with a cloth in a slightly soapy mixture of liquid detergent and water, and then let them dry. Also, remember to wash your insoles!

Rotate them

A high-quality pair of men’s shoes is a significant investment requiring proper care for years. You can prolong the life of your dress shoes and maintain their elegant and high-quality appearance for yourself and others by adhering to these easy tips. Shoe rotation allows each pair to rest after a day of wear, prolonging the life of your shoes by changing the forces placed on them and giving overused muscles a break. Aside from that, it also helps to prevent the shoe from bending or warping over time due to overuse on one side. While having a closet full of every pair of kicks under the sun may be tempting, whitling your collection down to a well-stocked rotation of shoes you honestly wear is a great way to save space and money.