Care home essentials checklist

If you or a loved one is about to move into a care home, you might be wondering what it is that you should bring along with you. Some care homes have stricter policies about how much their residents are permitted to bring than others, so make sure to ask ahead of time to prevent being disappointed. It is useful to have a trusted person or secure location to store any items you or your loved one can’t bring to the care home, such as large pieces of furniture. Take a look at this checklist of essentials you or your loved one should consider packing when getting ready to move into a care home.


While care homes do have systems to help their residents stay updated with their medications, you should bring whatever you regularly take when you move in. Let your doctor know what your new address will be, or consider moving to a doctor closer to the care home. Nurses and care home staff are able to help with important medications during your stay.


You most likely have your own personal preference when it comes to which toiletries you like to use. Care homes usually provide these items for their residents but if you want your preferred brands, it is best to bring them with you.


Again, care homes will more often than not have bedding and other necessary linens, such as towels, ready for residents. However, you may want to bring your own to make the transition into the new space less stark. Residences such as signature care homes make sure that any bedding or linens provided are of a high quality for all residents, so you don’t need to go to any extra trouble to buy new sheets if you don’t want to bring what you already own. You can always keep your own bedding as a backup set, especially since almost all care homes offer personal storage for each resident.


It is important that you bring your own clothing to your new home since care homes cannot provide the variety of sizes and styles needed for every resident. Make sure to remember shoes, underwear, outerwear, and outfits for special occasions.


Although care homes furnish their spaces for residents, you can make it your own by adding your own decor. Photographs, artwork, soft furnishings, and other personal touches can help to make your space feel more like home and ease the transition of settling in.


If you have any devices or electronics you want to bring, don’t forget to pack them. Having a clock and a phone are extremely useful, as well as a computer or tablet if you want to use the internet. Televisions and entertainment systems are usually part of the communal spaces in care homes, so if you want to watch TV or movies in private, you might need to bring your own.

Hopefully, this quick checklist has helped you or your loved one to prepare for moving into a care home.